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Tengu Outrage


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With the sudden decrease in the drop rate of Colorful Parrot feathers many pilots have been wondering why this has happened .


Having asked many throughout the Galaxy and piecing together answers after asking many questions a new development seems to have happened that many are unaware of .


A brave and fearless pilot know as Yeti the man with many faces has infiltrated the Tengu home world, made it home and told this pilot of an unbelievable development there.  


The Tengu leaders have become thourghly disgusted and fed up with slaughter occuring at the Tada O gate and the launch point to the gate otherwise known as the Fish Bowl .


In an effort to stop the slaughter the Tengu leaders implemented a plan to board the Red Dragon base in Aragoth Prime and murder all parrots thereby ending the ability of pilots to continually kill their minions. 


The Red Dragons caught totally by surprise were unable to repel the total attack and lost more than three quarters of the parrots in the aviary before finally pushing the Tengu back and securing the base again .


The Tengu returned to their home world with the knowlege that they had slowed the slaughter of their kind but the war was not over.





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