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Woodstock DGM

System upgrade.

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I was o my o line to do tickets today as I was busy with a system. Upgrade here at the house.  I had an issue with my laptop lock f up and not responding.  I do d the issue, it was my at&t uverse modem/router the particular network if I was plugged into on my laptop was being finicky and intermittently disconnecting.  I also had bought anew desktop on clearance at Wal-Mart for 200 dollars it was missing the power supply cord. 50 dollars from HP. I unknowingly plus Fred the same cable into this new desktop and was having the same issues with disconnects. But it connected wirelessly. No problem.  I looked at my network switch I had one one. Slot I moved the cable there  and no more disconnects. I ordered a larger more poets network switch so o can plug my laptop in so I can play on it. Also.


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intel CPU j2900 @ 2.41ghz 2.41 ghz.   4gb ram  toshiba 1tb hd




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