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EarthCorps Intelligence Report NP3?

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Okay so I have this in my TE's cargo but I don't know when/where I got it or what it's for.  Might have been a mission I took and then dropped?  Anyway problem is you can't store, can't delete and since I've no clue what it's for or from I don't know what to do about the thing, I'd prefer to not have it taking up a cargo slot forever.  Anyone know what this is for or how I can get rid of it if it's not required for something important?


edit:  Okay after figuring out what this item is and what mission it came from I now just want to know how I can delete b/c the mission it is attached to is very dumb.  Apparently the intended use of this item is to trade with other players only who have a similar item specific to their race like the one you have.  But basically you need other real players doing the same thing you're doing in some part of the galaxy no one even goes to.  Chances of this happening w/o specifically asking someone to come do it are zero and I have no idea why this is a mission.  I also have no idea why you would make the item tied to this mission no delete and it doesn't poof on its own when you forfeit the mission.


So can someone tell me what steps I need to take to get rid of this item?


**GM Assisted me - Solved**


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Just for further information,  Ensure you include the Avatars name when ever you have an issue like this it saves time and makes it easier to help,  and i was glad to help you in game

thank you for playing our game


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