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Availabilty of Net7 Services


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Heya Folks,

just a quick heads-up on whats going on:
a ) We were facing a server outtake because i made a bobo - thats first (fixed by now).
b )  We are now investigating the problem where you got booted from login when trying to log into a toon located on a station (some even got it when toon is in a sector)

We are trying to get things going quickly.
Sorry for the inconvinience.


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Ok, there is a band-aid hotfix in now.

If the problem (its identified) is hitting you, the server will internally "repair" your connection and re-sends you to the login-mechnism.
You WILL experience a delay for that time, so do not panic if login takes 10s - server is taking care of you in that time.

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