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Consider making the White Lightnin' device better than the RoadRunner Plus

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Consider making the white lightnin' device better than the roadrunner plus. After going through such a long mission chain, I would expect the device to be better than it is, but alas, a RR+ coupled with a Unicorn reactor is better for travel (more speed, by almost 100 units). A 200% RR+ gives you an added 995 units of warp speed, whereas the White Lightnin' only 901. Please consider increasing the warp speed of the White Lightnin or at least making it the same as the RR+, because as it is, I think nobody would ever choose the White Lightnin' over the Chilli Popper. I would like the White Lightning for my explorers.. especially my Terran Scout, but looking at the numbers, I'm better off with a 200% RR+ L9 instead..

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The White Lightning is better then the Roadrunner Plus. Take into account that the Roadrunner as you put it here is at 200%. While I agree with the rest of the assesment, haveing some many builders providing gear at 200% is a treat by the community on Sunrise. The same holds true for many items due to the fact of Sunrise being a four year old server with many items easiely provided by the crafts, making more then 50% of the items on the database more or less obsolete.

Edit: The White Lightning also doesnt deal with the negativ effect the buildable devices at level 9 suffer from. So looking at the item in comparison to l8 & l9 speedgear, its quality and trouble to obtain it, I do not see the need to lobby change here with the DEVs. Since I am sure they are reading this as well, you might see a change if my oppinion doesnt match thiers or if your can make a good counterargument to my remarks.

On a very personal note: The Chillie Popper simply awesome. Even if the White Lightning would grant a speed enhancement of 5000 over the roadrunner, I would go through great length of time to point at any  explorer class chooseing the Lightning over the Chillie Popper in order to do this repeatedly:


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"The White Lightning is better then the Roadrunner Plus..."
- Only if you compare it with the 100% version, which I believe is your point. However, it's not much of an argument, because the RR+ is vendor bought and as such, anyone with build devices skill can go and make a 200% version or ask on the market.. so it's not like we're comparing 2 items that are both difficult to obtain. The RR+ is super easy to obtain, whilst the White Lightnin' takes a lot of effort. As such, I would think the latter would be a little bit better than it currently is.

"The White Lightning also doesnt deal with the negativ effect the buildable devices at level 9 suffer from..."
- What negative effect?

"...I would go through great length of time to point at any  explorer class chooseing the Lightning over the Chillie Popper..."
- Each to their own, Ben. Just because you would prefer that, doesn't mean everyone must have the same opinion. For me, I would choose the Chilli Popper for my JE (already done) and my PS.. but I would prefer the White Lightnin' for my TS... well, I would if it was better than the 200% RR+, which it isn't...

I am not proposing some ludicrous speed increase of 5000k or whatever, but I would suggest making the speed of the White Lightnin' just a little bit more than the 200% RR+.. like maybe 1100?

If you don't agree, sure.. no worries. But I for one, think that would be a good idea.

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- What negative effect?
L9 RR+ = Increase Ship Signature 30%
L9 Lazarus = "Equipment Damage Magnification - Engine"

The lightning is OK if you only want to use your TS as a miner, just don't bring him to raids, an explorer without a Chili-Popper is a drag on the whole group.  I've been burned by this a few times organizing raids, now I ask up front when someone is joining with an explorer and if they don't have a chili-popper, I ask them to bring a different toon.

But I agree with your suggestion, for the effort put into that mission, I think it would be fair if the lightning were as good as the 200% RR+/Laz, it would at-least make you think about the choice for a bit....before finally choosing the Chili-Popper ;)

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To 1. and 2. 

The White Lightin' comes  with four equip positiv (equip) and one (activate) effect. 

The RoadRunner Mk. IX comes with four equipbuffs and one negativ (equip) effect. I am pointing at the Increase Ship Signature effect here. Which, only by few people is considered a good thing. 

So at this point, as raw comparison, you look at +5 for the Lightnin and 4-1 for the RoadRunner.

Lets dig a little deeper:

Effect:                      Lightning                             RoadRunner               Factor taking the Lightning as Base

TurboWarp(A)          750                                     /                                

TurboWarp              901                                      748 (995)                   83%/110,4%

Warp Charge           50%                                    50% (66%)                  100%/124%

Increase Speed       170                                      /

Reduce Warp Cost  90%                                    75% (100%)              83%/ 111%

Increase Signature  /                                          30%                            


Looking at the proposed change to the Lightnin' and setting Turbo warp to 1100: the factor for the Roadrunner would change to  68% and 90,4%

Now lets do an assesment of the proposed change as such.

Its tiny, not a big deal in itself. You would get 199 more warpspeed out of it. Players would get a kick out of breaking 9000 warp on a Terran Scout. It would not create an "uberitem" with gamechanging properties and in the great scheme of players maxing out warpspeed on a Scout be less of a 3% increment. So... The question would be: Why am I opposed to lobby for such a change with the DEVteam and expect to run head first into a brick wall if I tried?

With english as a 2nd language, let me try to explain to the best of my ability. The item is "not out of sync" with the rest of the items of the respectiv level. It is unique, non-manufacturable and takes time to aquire but it saves you the need for a level 8 Unicore Reactor and some device to increase your Ship speed (Increase Speed equip 170).

You focus on one single aspect on both devices here and make it the center of your comparison. Now if the DEVteam would follow your suggestion and commit to the change, it would set an example on which the Playerbase could suggest many many changes to items they care about. 

To give an example: With 2 exceptions, all manufacturable Reactors have a higher recharge rate compared to the Heart of the Master.

So some random vendorbought reactor does better then the boss loot of one of the five raids which require two groups? This should be changed, yes?

The Warp Charge on the Nitrous Oxide System is exceeded by a 200% Lazarus of the same level. This doesnt sound right.

The Recharge on the 200% No1 Most Amazing Model Z reaches a higher value compared to the Dragons Dread Mail Elite IX? Really?


I could do this all day and talk awesome devices down by just focusing on one single aspect in the manner you picked Warp Speed as a focus for your suggestion and it would make perfect sense taken out of the context of level, availabiliy, accessabiliy, uniqueness, tradability, class and race restrictions and so on. So if I lobby for a change or adjustment, these factors have to be adressed or I get shut down instantly.


To 3:

Appologies, this should not have been part of my reply. And was actually not directed at you but people who attempt Lyles mission on thier first explorer. The intention was to point, in a funny way, to a device that usually doesnt generate regret when its aquired and tested in combat.

We all know germans do humor as well as a cat does barking.

I am not going into the mechanics of how debuffing factors into the MOBs resistances, this would lead a bit off topic. I feel that the ChilliePopper is a musthave for every single explorer and that the benefits of this device in the highend content make up for the struggle pleasing Mr Lyle many, many times. As there is no chance to reverse the choice once its made, I would encourage everyone to consider the device with 3 unique debuffs which can not be obtained from any other device currently in game.

Of cause, the choice is yours alone. There are no best choices, only combinations that work for you and your playstyle. 

My "Nelson Muntz" attitude towards explores choosing anything but the Chilli Popper is purely subjectiv and in the end, what do I know..


Hope gives a little insight into how I am going forth about issues and suggestions when I wear the ADVhat.


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Thank you both for your responses.

@Flip, you made an interesting point about the chilli popper being better for raids. That is a valid point. However, you're not taking into account people with many toons, some of which we like to change up a bit and not necessarily use for raids. I may or may not wish to use my TS for raids and thus may change my mind.. haven't decided yet.. but that's besides the point, which I am getting to just below:

@Ben, thanks for such a lengthy reply. You've also made some valid points; particularly about it setting a precedent for players requesting other items be modified. However, in this case, I think I am still right.. why? Well, one question: how many people will ever choose the White Lightnin' device... ever? Pretty much nobody. In that case, why even bother offering it as a choice? Might as well just make the reward automatically be the chilli popper... lol. No, I say make the White Lightnin' live up to its name and actually be a bit faster than it is.

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