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Device Ideas For Buffs Not Represented

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Late in live they introduced a skill for all the classes, but they never developed those skills truly other than some tweeks etc. There was no back story or supporting devices for those skills. Because of this, there is a lacking of skill lvl or buff specific devices for those skills.


Some of these skills are like:

Bio-repression, shield sap, repulsor field, shield charging, (not in currently) forced contemplation, energy leech.


Were the earlier skills had devices and equipment  that could either buff those skills passively like adding "skill level" to them, or actively making them more effective, the later skills have a complete lacking with very few exceptions.



Add device/gear lines that enhance those skills as well. Either making the skill higher (thus more effective to a cap) or more reactive through active buffs, with possible added effects to those skills.


For example:

Shield sap, have something appropriately named like shield siphon device, that increases the amount drawn from mob, or as it's enhancing the skill level, cuts down on the cool down by a small amount of time.


Repulsor, make it more efficient in tossing back greater amounts of damage, increasing the damage types repulsed through skill level enhancement, or as added effects have a group casting effect or duration etc.


Shield charging:

Skill level, add more pool, greater recharge rate, more damage resist, group casting, duration etc.


Forced contemplation:

During live it was a power hog, drained your reactor in like 30 sec. and you had to stay completely immobile, perhaps lessen power requirements, allow movement within certain radius, have a cast for duration effect or daze so that you can move to another skill (like cloak), maybe a radius effect dazing all in area unless damaged etc.


Energy leech:

Like sap add bigger grab from mob, faster cooldown or charge up greater group distribution etc.



greater hit chance, faster charge up, more skills repressed, mob less dmg cast, longer range whatever. Maybe area effect etc.


As a personal note, I even have an idea for the device lines for the PS repulsor name: Hedgehog. Armadillo is already taken, but hedgehog curls up spines out and anything that pokes it gets spiked back, sort of what a repulsor does.


Anyway, there are other skills that have a serious lack of gear for them, not to mention complete or very limited for the 3 "lost" classes. While the PP can get shield heal effects through some of the TT intended gear, and a few progen gears like the CFB, there isn't anything in the early and middle stages for them that are more PP skill enhancing, they have to gear a TT device to get 1 buff and the 2-3 other don't even apply to them, they have crap for shield or menace really (there are some agrippa things, but they are just one level items with other non-applicable buffs)


Same for the JS, there have been a few devices added that are specific to them, there is still way more to go. The TS don't have it as bad on the miner functions of their class since they can use progen or jenquia both, but their specific skills don't have enhancers like turbo thrust etc.

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Nice idea.  Porcupine, skunk, bombadier (stink bug), medusa, lamprey, eel (electric), boa, python.....


There are several totally unused effects - just scan the effects list. It would be nice to introduce some of these too.


Once Ardus is opened of course! 

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