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Windows 10 Resolution Issue?

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So I just upgraded to windows 10 and it seems to have thrown off the resolutions for this game some how.  The windows no longer fit properly on my monitor.  If I set it to my native of 1920X1080 it completely runs off the bottom and right side of the screen, can't see the accept buttons on the game.  Even when I drop it down a few setting this is still an issue, had to lower the resolution all the way down to like 1400 something just to get it on the screen but even at that size the window is still bigger than it should be.  


Is there some special setting in windows 10 I need to adjust to fix this, it wasn't an issue previously.

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Well it seems the problem was that windows 10 wasy "lying" to me.  In display settings where it lets you alter the size of things displayed even though it said mine was at default 100% setting it actually was not.  So I had to set it to something higher, apply then change it back to 100% and apply and now I can instantly tell things are viewing properly.  Launched the game and it is sized correctly now as well.  So was just a simple thing with Windows10 being stupid. :)

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I also have a new win10 pc I'm trying to get to work. I can't get ebconfig to run to change to full screen play. Everything else seems to work OK but I can't change it to full screen. Any help would be appreciated.


Nevermind... I had to run ebconfig in compatibility mode to get it to work.

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