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Dualboxing Not Working On Win 8.1

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I'm not able to run a second client on my windows 8.1 machines.  I've gone through all the configuration articles I could find here (exe's are running as admin, compatibility mode is checked, firewall rules updated (I also turned off the firewall completely and had the same issue) I even tried setting up multiple IP addresses and had each client use a different IP).  The "Lock Port" checkbox doesn't allow me to log in, but I tired it out just in case.


I can run a single instance just fine, but as soon as I start the 2nd instance, the first instance stops working, with 1 exception, I can still type slash commands (i.e. /who) in the first client's window, but the result show's up in the 2nd client's window.  If I type /quit in the first client, it closes down as expected, but 2 seconds after that, the 2nd client gets a message box "lost connection to server" and also closes down.This leads me to think maybe both clients are using the same net7proxy instead of each one using it's own.


I know dualboxing isn't supported by the EnB tech staff, so I don't expect a lot of troubleshooting help.  But if anyone has run into this before and found a fix for the problem, I'd really appreciate some advice.

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I was using VMware Player.  I removed it from one PC this morning and initial tests look good, I logged in 2 clients and both were responding to commands.


thanks for the help Woodstock.

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