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Progen HU 30 walkthrough

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I have read some has done a walkthrough on newbie chat, but i couldnt find it.

Can someone link the post please or any helpful post will help me alot.

47 and still in my hu10 :D not very helpful the text in mission.


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Hi m8,i assume that you have the q where it tells you to go see an NPC on Endriago planet?

She sets you off on the 30 HU,when you've got it if you get stuck and need advice ask in the Progen Chat chanel in game,people are always willing to help :D


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Maybe this help u

My link

Woot now thats what i was after.


Someone said in noob chat was a post on forum detail walkthrough.

Thanks for linking


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Re-Post of the mission run down

Starts out with order to visit Ioanno in Porvenir Mons, Endriago, Gallina

She asks you to bring her 2 crates of nanobots from Arx Ymir. Lots of


Go to ARx Ymir, talk to a Hayvair (Main hall in Arx Ymir). He Tells you the

freighter was wrecked and wants you to go determine its fate. If you do so

he'll gie you th nanobots free!

find wrrecked Freightor 3k NW of Vali in Odin Rex sector

When you target the freighter, ou have a cat witha mysterious progen

who tells you the motives behind these nanobots is to corrupt the progen.

Return to Arx Ymir, talk to Hayvair again. He gives you antother crate, whines

about profitiability, and sends yo uoff with the crates back to Ioanno.

Ioann tells you to go fetch some more dna stuff for progen advancement. youneed

to get some genetic information. So you have to grab cortexes from critters A

nad bring them to Sturmer in Tradres fort (Ragnarok). These are the cortexes

yo need and what drops them:

grek cortex -- Anicent Greks (cl11) at Loch Brae in New Edinbrgh

mist cortex -- mist lords (cl10-11) at Freya field 1 in Freya

Shakaku cortex -- Shakaku CL 5-7 at Dahin planet

If you get all the cortexes first and then go to Traders Fort it may save some

time. Also having a JE buddy to wh you to Kaliaasa and back will help too.

When you finish talking to Sturmer, he tells you the genetic stuff you are

doing will ruin the progen race, and he tries talk you out of it.

When you go talk to Ioanno-J again, she wants you to warn Markus Kahn about the

myseterious ships. Markus is in Arx Tiberius, Tarsis sector. Matkus tells you

you can blast all of these renegade progens you see. Then sends you back to


Last stage, ioanno sends you off to recover a genome stolen from genome storage

at DCO. She sends you off to see Warden Orphant at DCO in ABG to get a copy

of the genome.

As soon as you get to ABG you get a mission to killa Merus Milia Captain to get

his Genome. The Merus Milia spawn by Onerom Exit Gate at l57.0,-128.38. The

captain is cl 16, the Merus Milia groups are ranging from 3 to 11. And the 8's

and 10's use Frighten skill.

Annoying, but once you kill the captin you are done. return to IOMMU. She gives

you a level 4 shield, Shroud of The Optimal ( 1066 cap, recharge 13.0,

Deflect Energy (equip) +27, Projectile Energy Conservation 27%, Boost

Projectile Range +24%).

Re-Post of the mission run down


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