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Sweetfx For Enb

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Hi all


I finally found a nice way to enable some SweetFX shaders on this great game, so now im rocking cool stuff like SMAA and LumaSharpen, and boy does it look great!


The way to make it work is using the brilliant ReShade tool:



Which supports d3d8 games, and in version 0.16 which was recently released a bug was fixed which prevented it from working in enb.


I have attached my settings file for SweetFX (The 2.0 beta 8 included in the resahde bundle) which enables a few shaders which i quite like.


The effect can be toggled with "Scroll Lock" (Which is also default screenshot key in enb, so beware of this)


Hope someone else can get some shaded enjoyment in this great game :)



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