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Net 7 Portal is Hiring !


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The Net 7 Portal (www.net-7.org) is looking for 2-3 players who can give up some of their gaming time to help test any new features added to the portal and bug check the site before we go "Live".


You will need to have good communication skills and the ability to perform checks of any new features or mods to old ones within 3 days of the test-site being updated, and report back to the WebDev team with your findings.

You must also be familiar with the portal (www.net-7.org) to the point where you can navigate it thoroughly and you have experience with features such as "item mail" etc.

No coding knowledge required. (But may be helpful)


Before I get a full inbox, ill answer the "Main" questions here.

  • No, you will not get paid.
  • No, you will not get a "DEV" account ingame.
  • Yes you "May" get a new forum group.
  • Yes you will get a Non-Disclosure-agreement.
  • Yes I will personally delete all of your game account if you leak any "Non Live" info you find to the player base :D


Any questions please feel free to ask on this thread.

PM me ONLY if you are applying for the position.


Fly Safe !



Lead WebDev



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