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Old Earth and Beyond Vet

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Howdy all.


     So I'm here playing Earth and Beyond (and loving it being back in such great old haunts) and I'm finding myself in need of a place to call home.  Some might remember my Progen Sentinel named Shadowmistress from the Pegasus server (I feel old just remembering that old server :lol: ).  Well, I'm not sure the kind of guilds around.  I just started perusing the forums here.  But I wouldn't mind joining a roleplaying guild if there is one.  If not a small tight knit guild would be good enough for me.  My PS's name is Teraka in game.  Good to be back and see everyone!



Progen Sentinel

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Welcome back Teraka,


Give Epic Gamers a shout if u still have that need. :)

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