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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I have been gone for a long time and now trying to get back into the game. I installed everything, but I have a couple of issues: 1. When clicking the "Play" button from the Net-7 launcher, I get this error: "Server Failed to respond to Login attempt" 2. I can't bring up the E&B Config tool - either from the Net-7 launcher's Tools menu or even directly from C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG\E&BConfig.exe. Even when I run that as Administrator, nothing happens... well, the mouse cursor shows it's loading for a few moments and then goes back to normal with nothing else happening. I did disable my anti-virus (AVG) in case it was that, but it didn't work. Also note I used the installer I had saved from last year... but I figure there's no issue with that, right? Since it just updated itself to the latest anyway. Is there now some extra step involved that I am unaware or what could be happening here?
  2. Hi All, I think I reported this before some time ago, it's doing it again though, I ran XP Pro, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 OS's, am currently running Windows 8 64 Bit, with all that said, the LaunchNet7 v2.0.0 Hangs, and progress bar hangs for about 10 minutes to login, I reset the updates, did a debug, and configure the game, an even load the certificate all those did not correct it, it still hangs, an it only does this on one machine, in fact in the past with all those OS's mentioned it did it also, no other machine we have here does this, this Windows 8 is a fresh install too, about 3 or 4 months ago.   After the 10 minute wait to login, everything runs like a clock, no problems in game at all, why is this happening, I don't know, any tips, or advice will be appreciated please, dislike waiting that amount of time just to load the Launcher and hit play   Thank you if you can advise    Brack   Update, I tried to put an attachment screenshot of what's going on with the Launcher, unfortunately, am over my quota to post any photos here on the forums, Message below says this, ( You have exceeded your allotted disk space for attachments ) That's probably related to my Beta time with the crew here, I used screenshots to explain my tests with the game, any case, it's still happening, its still a 10 minute wait for the Launcher to load and hit Play, an another minute for the TOS to display to agree to login.   Here's the path on the Launcher currently used   C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\release\client.exe     Update again, Aug 3 2013, I uninstalled the Launcher, and downloaded fresh install from the site, Browsers used was Google Chrome first, then IE 10, install exe was saved to downloads file, both times I set to Admin, with UAC turned off, now the Launcher hangs for 10 to 15 minutes sometimes doesn't load at all. The other machines load in seconds, this really a puzzle I tried everything I can think of to solve it, I need help please to correct this.   Update Aug 9 2013, Hullo its still doing it as of this date, I disabled IPv6 that didn't work either, I switched router ports that didn't work either, Network on our machines here runs smooth as glass. all other machines to the same router launch within seconds, the one machine in question being a pain. I uninstalled the Launcher, and the Game 3 times to see if that would work, it didn't, I did a clean sweep of all files, an did a defrag before installing again, I run scans to see if something a miss, machine a-okay. all windows updates are current, along with the latest Graphic drivers nVidia 320. Build, I eve did a rollback to see if that was the issue, it wasn't though.   Update, Aug 14 3911 :lol: My next step is to do a reformat to see if that takes care of it. wish there was a delete Topic post, I remove this post its been here a month now with no suggestions, oh well, on to the next step thank you anyway.
  3. Hi, Here are some suggestions that have been brought up before by the users at some point. So I'm listing them here for you guys to mull over. 1. Would you guys in web dev consider a direct link on the Net-7.Org site to the Support Ticket system site, and another for the new bug tracker right on the main menu? This would be some nice to have items, and make things a bit easier for all involved. 2. One other item has to do with the database search function. Can the search page be setup so a person using it doesn't have to re-scroll down the page when reselecting the tab after viewing an item after a search? This would be a nice improvement to an already well designed site. 3. Unify the site news to the Net-7 Launcher. Please make the Net-7 Launcher pull the news contained from the same source web page. This way, all the news for those who read the release notes and news in the launcher can be easily read on the Portal site. Lastly, Thanks a ton for all your hard work on this emulator guys. I know that all who play share this view that your investments in skill and donated time, combined with player/user colaboration will continue to make this emulator as great if not better than live. Thanks for reading... -Overt.
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