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Found 7 results

  1. I apologize in advance as I know the Technical Support forum is not exactly intended for bug reports but this is the best place I know to post this; if there is a better one please let me know. Ever since the last major server restart which I believe occurred after maintenance (not this most recent one due to the login server, but the one before that) there has been a dramatic uptick in the number of instances of disconnect => lose action bars. This is an old bug that I and many others have seen before, but it is happening MUCH more frequently now. Here's a couple chat excerpts from recent in-game convos about this: So for everyone but @Tweetz () something seems to have changed for the worse recently. I decided to make this post since every time it has come up multiple others chime in that they're seeing the same thing, and it hasn't resolved itself in a few days. FWIW my workaround for this problem has been to backup my Data\client\output\shortcut.ini file each time I launch the game (with a date/time stamp) and whenever this happens I go back to the character select, copy my last good backup over top of shortcut.ini, then log back in and that gets me my bars back 99% of the time. On one occassion I had to do it twice. This always seems to be coupled with a disconnect, usually while gating or docking, so that may be the real root cause. My theory is that there are scenarios where the client hasn't yet read shortcut.ini but saves it anyway after a disconnect, clobbering the actual shortcuts with an empty file. (In other words, maybe this isn't fixable if it's a client bug, but perhaps the root cause of the more frequent disconnects is).
  2. Is the bug tracker broken? When I click the link at the top of the forums I just get a blank page? https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/bugs.html/
  3. I have been checking this for a few weeks (6+ actually) and I have found that following a server reboot on a Tuesday the explore xp from the moons and planetoids in the following sectors work as expected until thursday evening GMT where upon no xp is registered even when using freshly made toons in a tour till the server reboots: Tau Ceti New Edinburugh Invernes Ardunnine Cygni 61 Aganju Beta Hydra Glenn Carpenter Slayton Glorys Orbit Sheperd Grissom Cooper Aragoth Prime Valkyrie Twins Fenris Varen's Girdle Aragoth Prime Freya Nifleheim Cloud These are the sectors I tour the most for explore XP on a regular basis with 3-4 new toons, Wizaint and Flyingfiretruck have bore witness to these findings as they have seen it when touring with me so I know its not just me being effected. I have not checked other sectors as throughly but I suspect they too will be effected. The issue could be a server side garrbage collection or possible code irreguarites after a period of time (not having seen the code I'm not sure how it has been implemented to loop). It's not a massive issue as I have not seen anyone else mention it on the forums nor ingame, but its definatley not working as one would expect. Just a heads up for you people in the Dark Magic Den ? All the best - YetiGBR1 the Obsessive as one Dev calls me ?
  4. Apologies if this is a known issue I do not mean to repeat it - I did search for such issues before posting this though: I have been mining in Primus over the past few weeks and have seen occasionally that "some" resouces spawn outside the players x,y,z zone of access (please see inserted picture from today). whilst this is a minor issue in my opinion it is still an issue that could prevent playes from gaining the "Field Cleared Bonus" for the said field. There are locations on the southern side of the map below Primus Astroid 121577F as well I just forgot to take pictures (sorry) I have no idea if this is a rounding issue in the random spawn positions or it is a hard coded location with some measure of RND on it, all the same I have now reported it so over to you guys in the "Dark Magic Team. " ? Keep up the great work and many thanks, Yeti-GBR1
  5. 18 Jan 1830 gmt [130pm est] NOT CRITICAL. Workaround found ... and ... created a new Progen Sentinel and started out by running up OL to 4 via combination of exploring all navs, whacking CL 0 worms, and selling loot. Finally approached Tovar Maxe [training officer cited in Arx Prima landing instructions] and he offered two missions -- I selected "Learn to Prospect Asteroids" and whipped out to the designated debris field, BUT discovered that I did not have Prospect skill at all. Returned to Tovar Maxe [after logging out and back on just in case ... also did /fmu to no effect] and he then gave me the standard noob greeting and mission ["Prospect for Clues"] which did trigger receiving the Prospect skill needed. the bug I see is that the "Learn to Prospect Asteroids" mission should not be offered until AFTER noob has completed the "Prospect for Clues" mission. {Since this did not happen with my other PS 'toon some months ago, I suspect that "Asteroids" has a minimum overall level feature that the earlier 'toon did not meet and thus this incorrect sequence was not triggered.} cheers
  6. I discover that if you have two missions in process requiring the attention of Executive MacKellan [Earth Station] that she will only deal with the one that is NOT the Christmas mission until you complete that step of the other mission. [other Mission for my girl: bonus mission hull upgrade 2 -- I don't yet have the required Industrial Mining Lasers for her to inspect] related issue with the rank 2 bonus mission -- the required lasers can not be stored. this means that making them by a 'toon on the same account can not move them to the required toon via the account vault. you have to have two accounts, or a friendly outside person to move the completed mining lasers to the 'toon that needs them. AND, I discover that the 'toon who needs them can not access the recipe in game in order to buy the parts -- someone who can build them has to have the recipe and thus find out what to buy. [the recipe is available via the net-7 database.] only Terran Scouts are affected by this second bit ... since only they among Terrans can not build weapons.
  7. I seem to be having an issue and can't seem to get an answer from anyone. I am able to analyze ammo and that all is fine and dandy, However when I go to try and manufacture any ammo that I have analyzed, nothing comes up for a list in any way shape or form. I even let it sit for about 15 min on the screen and no list loaded. Is there a setting or something that I am doing wrong. Please help.
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