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  1. on the net-7.org (the Portal page)  go to the account tab  under there you will find a create account selection,  use this to create a Game account (this will be your game sign in )  if you played in original live  your accounts and avatars are not available and can not be recovered as EA erased all that data.   once your in game using this new sign in  go to avatar creation  and create your new avatar  to select your avatar  use the inside arrows  to select them  you can also select the original 3 missing professions the Terran Scout, Progen Privateer and the Jenquai Seeker,    remember to use the Net-7 Launcher to start the game not the EA game launcher.  the EA launcher will not start the game.  


    Woodstock HGM (Head Game Master)

  2. Well its once again Christmas and i have to work on Christmas eve early so i won t be in game on Monday night/Tuesday morning due to having to be at work several hours earlier than normal, (Retail Sucks).  I have family visiting for the holiday but i will find time to get online to play still have a number of toons to get thru Mary Christmas's mission.  


    See you all soon  Merry Christmas everyone


    Woodstock and the Peanuts Gang



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