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  1. lol, you will. have patience.

  2. New secret project is underway.

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    2. Kyp
    3. Searing


      no they all want me to junk my new laptop for my old evil laptop the compaq evoN800v spawn of the devil (kyp needs excitement)

    4. Kyp


      Halfway done.

  3. is working on Terran content.

  4. is testing the final results of said secret project.

  5. is working on a secret project...

  6. is now focused on making things happen for Terran stuff and otherwise.

  7. Which button? I have lots and lots of buttons.

  8. Snagged it one day while I was looking at some humorous pictures. I don't even remember where, it's been over a year ago, but I was looking for signs on google image I believe.

  9. Thanks, lol, I'm a big fan of it myself.

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