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  1. 3 Years of running a guild in wow and other experience of similar jobs as officer in variuos games i've seen first hand how these things play out. First of all if the guild has a good structure these things can be solved by the managemet. For i.e we had a guild page where people could report bad behaviour and post screens if no officer was online while abuse took place. Trusted members can simply tell an officer and then its up to them to set the person straight. wow does have a gag function..  sorta..  you can simply add a guild rank that wont allow talk in chat and when someone goes out of line you move them to this rank. I'd say of the maby 20 people who ever made it to that "gag" rank 18 left guild within 5 minutes after not beeing able to go on ranting. Officers voted to have it removed and after that we added the simple report to officer if abused rule.  It worked fine and only once did I as a GL have to actually kick someone out. If its made clear from the guild policy that you allow no slander or abuse or missbehaviour you can lean on that as officer when you reprimand a member for stepping out of line. If he chooses to igonre you, well..  Kindly tell him/her this is not a guild for you. *Kick* and move on.   Johnsilver
  2. Hiya. I'd like to add a little something here. What we have now in the EMU is not only "AutoFire". We also have "Autolock on target". The autolock is marked by the little green circle on your wep icons. This was a pita in Live as your guns kept fireing after targets was dead and in may raids (with lag) it was crusial to pick right target. Autolock was eventually removed, and an option to activate it was added. like a command, /Autolock on/off. I realize its confusing.. the autofire thing simply means your guns fire till target is dead. Autolock locks in on target.. but if your guns are on cooldown and you cycle target the guns will keep on fire. This is really bad and mark my words will be an issue in future raids when focusing fire is important and a simple cycle can resault in you fire at 5 diffrent mobs couse your guns are acting crasy. Imo I should Target, then decide on if i should fire.. not target and the guns decide to fire.. pls pls with suga on top remove the autolock.. or add a command to set it on/off. At least if not possible to remove.. change it so the autolock stops on death of mob.. not next wepon cooldown. Johnsilver. Westwood Beta > Sunset with 4 150's
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