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  1. When E&B Sunset was announced we were in the middle of a Guild Vault for all space stations and bases. All work on content stopped. We were as shocked as the players when EA announced that EnB was Sunsetting.
  2. Kitty


    We tried every combination there was. It is an ultimate failure. Unless there is more variety of weapons, shields, and reactors. It is a fail. That is why we left Sword to show you people PvsP cannot be done in game. We also used that as our sandbox and testing area. And, Sword should remain as is for if there is a bug from an NPC Emu Devs can use Sword like us EA Devs and use it as a testing area and sandbox.
  3. It doid work since I was the one who wrote the script for it when E&B was live. You had to be at the keyboard. Since if you played going AFK needed both mouse movement ad use of the keyboard. Person was using a macro the AFK flag went on and disconnect. Plus we had automatic macro bans since we wrote in scripts which can detect macros. Only people banned from EnB live was macro and exploiters.
  4. This was one of those things which cannot be implimented. We were going for guild ships. A guild lounge will be the same thing it would take years to build and impliment and be a strain on server resources. It is one of those things wish it can be done, but cannot be done. Only way I can think of how it can be done is using abandoned stations and derlect ships. Which are already in game. And, to balance game economy sell them for 1 billion credits each.
  5. This will wreck storyline. Chavez are Nomads and have no bases. They use abandoned mining posts and only used for storage. They just fly around and protect their storage depots. A Chavez would have space dementia if they are on the ground to long unlike Red Dragons which have bases and need to land after battles. Stick with original storyline.
  6. Kitty


    We actually tried it back in Alpha Testing. It failed. As long as the person with the "biggest guns". It fails. PvP sucks literally and totally in Earth and Beyond. All you need to do is have the big guns camp and the other team can get screwed. We kept Sword for a purpose to show players PvP cannot be done in E&B. And, if you look at the equipment, the beams, missles, projectiles, reactors and shields. 150's had all the same gear no matter class. There is no variety that was the biggest downfall of Earth and Beyond.
  7. When Earth and Beyond was live you were AFK for 15 minutes. And, had an AFK reponse you were disconnected from EA servers. And, if macro users are using a macro and are getting an AFK message it is an easy fix.
  8. No, Earth was a huge mega city. It would look out of proportion with the rest of the landable planets. And, never was "Post-Apocalyptic". We colonized planets so it would have been 1 base on a planet. It was to keep game balance. To do that it would be 1-1-1 Jenquai/Terran/Progan Anarchy Online, Earth is Post-Apocalyptic and Unihabitable which is why you cannot start on Earth, nor go to Earth. And, GM's said that at the same time Earth and Beyond came out.
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