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  1. Zeke's Epic Builder/Miner Mission(s)

    How does the JE complete the backyard solar kit? It isn't tradeable, and a JE cannot build it. Am I missing something here?
  2. Hanging while G=gating when two PC's are playing

    From 1 PC it is fine.   Prototype reorder was not selected.  I enabled it and all seems fine now from 2 PC's.
  3. One PC can play fine, but as soon as the second PC loads the game neither can gate.  The client hangs at awaiting master handoff, and it is game over.   Any ideas?
  4. Level 30 TT bonus mission

    I broke the mission again.  I went to the planet to help a buddy before talking to Jerriv,  I am stuck in a loop with Jerriv (step 9 of 18) discussing how to capture Rolland Holmes,  I do not get the next step to capture Holmes.   Chaulkoutline - TT