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  1. I'm afraid I have to agree with jodian. I've just spent the last hour trying to Enter Dahin from Kailaasa. I'm starting to loose faith. I know everything takes time, But now I'm getting higher in levels, its increasingly more difficult to complete missions. Even Jobs require leaving sectors, so they're out of the question for now. I really hope we can come up with a solution. Cheers PS..... I forgot to mention(well every time I forget) Wormholes are fine. I never seem to hang from a WH.
  2. Cider1 --- You may be right, because today is unbearable. I can barely dock or leave a station or change area's. Its taking like an hour to go to Slayton from OMP, and then another hour to gate back. I just read through tempest's 2013 post about gating problems, and followed his instructions. Made no difference. Its weird, because sometimes its just 1 in 3 attempts, but now its like 1 in 10 or more attempts. It wouldn't be so bad if I logged back in where I was trying to gate from, but half the time its like the middle of the map, and I get killed before I can warp away in time. The other half I end end up back at the opposite end of the map and have to travel back to attempt it again. 😕 Very discouraging. But I keep my fingers crossed that one day this issue is fixed. For now I'll keep trying
  3. makes no difference 😕 Thx
  4. Mieux --- Not on wifi, wired now. Jursy77 --- Only windows defender, no other anti-virus software. Thanks guys, Keep the idea's coming, I appreciate them all. Cheers. ***Edit*** Jursy77 ---- I took your advice about the Anti-virus. I have disabled both Firewall and Anti-virus(real time tracking). I seem to be able to travel a lot less painfully now. Its obviously something on my end. But for now its a lot better. cheers ***Edit 2 *** I spoke too soon. Same issues.
  5. Markemt --- Was, then I went wired directly to the router. Same deal. Kyp --- Turned re-order back off, no difference. Ive spent most of the day trying to leave Arx ymir. Ive almost given up. Back to the Wifi, I play many other online MMO's and dont have any issues with latency. Even on Wifi. Been Playing Eve Online most the day, because I cannot leave the station. Love this game, I'll keep trying. But its not looking. Keep up the good work guys. I know you have/had a tremendous task getting this baby back. Hats off.
  6. I figured as much. How would i do that? I've re-installed a fourth time now. I've Set up incoming and outgoing rules in the firewall for both EnB and Net7. I turned off packet optimization(back on again). No change. All 4 settings ticked, I even tried locking a port. But then I could not even log in. Its like 90% of the time. The other 10% it works fine. I don't have any problems with all other online games/apps I use. Its just weird.
  7. But its not crashing...... Its hanging,,,,,,, Loading ticking over, sprites animating. Its still running, its just waiting for a response from the server. I manually "Terminate Client" in icon tray icon.
  8. Thanks Markemt, All tested except the resolution.(1920X1080) I'm on windows 10, I'm not sure about the gaming mode, but I've set all exe's to run as admin. There's nothing else in the game/emulator that fails, just gating/transitioning between area's. As I mentioned, even leaving a station is a problem. I'm at a loss. I have all cameras on, all cameras off, no difference. Nothing I try seems to help. its like it Hates me going between area's. But im still open to suggestions. thanks.
  9. Where do I post Bug Reports? I have a huge issue with gating, and even leaving a station. Everything else I do ingame works perfectly, except transitioning between area's. When I try and leave a station or enter a new sector, it just hangs at the loading screen, I've sat there until it unlogged me, hoping it was just laggy. Sometimes it can take upto or more than an hour of attempts just to reach the next area. I need to Alt+Tab out and Terminate Client to load up again. (The Emulator says its waiting for server.) I have all 4 settings on, I've experimented with them on and off. I've tried resetting updates. I've even done a complete wipe and Re-Install. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Hats off to the dev's for bringing this gem back to life.
  10. What the hell are you guys doin?. Kill bonus's, dont share server and now force a friggin 5 hour download down my throat before i can actually play. Jeeeeeeeezus! log in and give us the option to download the dam starship creator or other content. out!
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