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  1. Hmm, it seems that the problem is still occurring today as of the 12th of November. Only with my TS does the problem seem to be happening. On some of my other toons, I seem to be having other issues such as items without pictures and so forth. It had been awhile since I had played using Windows 7. Just recently I made the switch to Windows 10 because I was having problems getting updates in Windows 7. After I finished installing and booting up - I followed the Magoo's guide and didn't have any issues initially until I logged in with my Terran Enforcer. On my JD I am having issues with certain items not showing up. I am sure there are others I have noticed yet but here is a current list of items that are invisible: Plague's Bite, Aegis of the Warder, Intolerance MK. VIII, Defender's Doumaru, and Chimaera's Dread Scourge; in addition to the aforementioned items, I have also noticed that some other types of loot such as gene maps IX and BlackBox P91 IX.
  2. Okay, thanks a lot - at least I know its not a problem on my end.
  3. Hello all, just wondering if this yellow and green orb around my ship is a problem on my end or not and a possible solution to fix it. It seems to only affect my Terrain ships. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Its nearly impossible to get past EL 25 without tours. So I doubt it.
  5. Firstly, I would like to say wow, just wow, I got negative 8 reputation! I bet all of my negative reputation is from one person, Avani! This further compliments my troll theory, not only is she repeatedly marking down my post, but she is repeatedly marking up hers! Whats this prove? Nothing, a bit childish if you ask me. Secondly, I generally dual-box as well. I have 2 accounts and transfer items/credits between them and occasionally do tours and power farming, I believe this is fine. The only problem I have ever had was with people using in access of 3 accounts to take advantage of the limited player base that we currently have and the fact that EnB is incredibly easy to multi-box/macro compared to other games. Thirdly, I am not some evil guy hell bent on controlling and manipulating the way people play, all I want is balance. Fairness, for everyone. Especially those that solo play. No one should ever feel the need to have to multi-box and or use macros to get ahead or just reach even ground with people that do. Fourthly, Yes, multi-boxing is encouraged in other games. But remember that the current EnB database is limited to between 150-300 players online at a given time. Eve, has just one cluster server with between 15 and 35k players on at any given time. Fifthly, lolcats are awesome. Thusly I have decided to create my own lolcats picture using the only image I have of my late cat Ninja, in tribute to my late Ninja Kitty, I present to you TROLLCATS!
  6. As far as I am concerned the debate was over long ago, and thus can be closed. Avani attempted to revitalize it to create drama for no other purpose other than her own entertainment. So yes I called her out for being a troll. Although, it is true that Avani's behavior was very much like that of a Troll, I am just as guilty for responding irrationally with my emotions and for this I apologize. I had rather see the topic closed than have trolls bringing up dead topic's over and over again to create dramatical events for their own personal entertainment. PS: I love the cat, I always have loved the "lolcats" movement! I Can Has Cheezburger?
  7. Yeah I get that a lot, Here is my GF, our husky and my cat that got hit by a car a few years back. If my GF finds out I posted her pic online she might get mad hahaha, oh well;))
  8. Yeah I mean really, whats the purpose of having billions of dollars invested in a space program that doesn't really accomplish anything? The military technology we gained from the space program in the 60's is responsible for nearly all of the technology we use today. American won the space war, and our technology proves it, our current military weapons are the strongest most powerful in the world. Iran, China and Russia have nothing compared to what we have currently so I don't think they are much of a threat, their weapons are all 40 and 50 years old. Russia has just recently developed a "stealth" fighter aircraft, we have had "stealth" fighter aircraft since the 70's, all thanks to the space program! I hope that when the space program returns with new technology that the program focuses more on the exploration and colonization of space rather than the development of weapons systems used to wage war. Because if we are not alone in the universe, I am sure our weapons won't matter if we come up against a race thats been around for a few million years.
  9. Me: Me + Small Mouth Bass I caught this past summer: Me playing my guitar: Me + my guitar:
  10. I voted no, now EnB 2 would be a different story entirely.
  11. +1 haha. As for the space program, they are in the process of retiring the shuttles, its about time if you ask me. Space exploration will come again in the near future 10 or 20 years from now, with new, safer technology. Cost is also a issue, if you take into consideration that a F-22 Raptor's flight cost is about $44.000 per hour, you could only imagine the per hour flight cost of the space shuttle.
  12. OK, how about you try to prove the supposed facts I presented wrong? Thats generally how it works, someone presents facts, someone disagrees and attempts to prove them wrong. If you can prove that MMO's are not created for multi-player play, and that you can achieve the same goals that a group can as a single player, I will admit that i'm wrong, but lets face it. You and I both know I am right, AND this is why I call you a troll. Because you ignore the facts and have rejuvenated this post not because of your interest in balancing the game, but your interest in creating drama and conflict for your entertainment. Rarely have you contributed anything worthwhile to the cause and instead post meaningless, grammar-less arguments that warrant nothing but controversy. Well, if I take into consideration the fact that a forum troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. I would have to say that no, your not a troll. You're right about MMO's being created for multi-player interaction, as such only the highest and greatest awards can be achieved from said multi-player interaction. It is true that many players prefer to go against the grain and play solo, but it is also true that players that do will never achieve the same benefits of those that group.
  13. With all due respect, the statements I have said in the prior post are and will always be facts. They are not assumptions. FACTS! Any logical thinking mind will come to the same conclusion, its common sense. Just as the sun is bright, and ice is cold, so are MMO's created for multi-player play. So, lets face the facts. Avani, you're just a troll...
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