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  1. Update: Not going to worry about getting the whole Nvidia GeForce "Game-Ready" drivers installed right now. Perhaps once I've had some time to enjoy the EnB game and it's community I'll give it a shot. But, right now, it is all functional. I'm happily multi-boxing on a single machine. Minding my own business. I've reinstalled my anti-virus software and anything *meaningful* at the moment. It was a difficult road to get back here and I just want some time to clean up the mud and small tree branches that got caught in my tires and suspension on my way here.
  2. In a nutshell.... I had windows do a non-destructive re-install which we all know does NOT exist. I'll reload the other programs again in a bit. It is *far* more important to myself to get the game going again. And I DID..... Using MB video. 1GB VRAM. It still shows "negative" values in both the video tests but, more importantly, the OS is reporting the *correct* value of 1GB of video RAM in the System Information window when it comes to the video card. It was NOT doing that with the NVidia card. Yes, I have it set at 1920x1080, windowed mode but running 60Hz. Before I make any other changes like adding back in the Nvidia, I'm going to kick it up to 120Hz and see if the same results (and ability to log in and play) apply. Back with more..... Nvidia 4GB installed. Windows sysinfo reports it to be 1MB.. yes.. 1 MB. But it functions, looks great, and lets me log in and play. I have *NOT* installed the Nvidia program that is their big, customizable, latest-and-greatest driver updater. That will be my next goal.
  3. I've just finished the "reinstall" of windows 10 which was *supposed* to wipe all things as if it were a fresh install. Yet, here I am. Video card drivers fully intact. Still shoving a measly 1,048, 576 Bytes (Yup...bytes) of video RAM in my face. It's *supposed* to have 4GB. So. I wiped Windows for naught. I have searched the registry for all suggested 'keys' and 'values' that forums suggested before the 'wipe'. They all report the values that the card should have. No odd anomalies. My next step should have been done sooner. I'm going to remove the video card. Use the one built into the MB. cleanse the registry and all other references that I can. Then, using the MB built-in card, which should be *plenty* for stock EnB, install the game and see how it goes.
  4. Well.... I *almost* got into the game.. It kept stalling at the galaxy map AFTER I chose a 'toon' and tried to log in. Curiously enough, the same error about textures kept popping up in the "_except.txt" log... "Description: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access." and... "Thread list ID: 000009E0 - Main Thread ***CURRENT THREAD*** ID: 00001B70 - Texture loader thread" On that note on textures, I humbly submit the following two results from both of the E&BConfig and the net7config video card setup executables. Notice that the "Free texture" RAM available in *both* instances is... a NEGATIVE number. Yeah.. I didn't think that would work either. Any suggestions?
  5. Oakman. The resolution works just fine for getting to the login screen. Now getting stuck at the map when loading. I think at this point I need to open a new thread as the subject has changed. BUT.... That was a very keen observation....and.. may still apply to my current situation. However. it's late.. and I need to be "Bright-eyed and Busy-tailed" for tomorrow, thus.... sleep must be had.
  6. WooooT!!! I got to the login screen! It wasn't an easy road. Disabled UAC. Installed. Used the install and then UN-install. Cleared out the registry of entries using IOBIT's Uninstaller, which was VERY fortunately, monitoring the install/uninstall and cleared out the remaining files and entries that kept getting missed. Oakman.... you just *might* be onto something. I'll let you know soon. But yes, I've set my monitor to 60Hz for now. Now, I have a bit of a conundrum. I installed both the client and the Unified Installer (UI) under "E:\EnB" however.. after the full patch-to-live process, I have duplicated install files under the defaults of "C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES". So... While the E&B *DESKTOP* shortcut still points to "E:\EnB\Net-7\bin\LaunchNet7.exe", the Client path in the launcher points to "C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\release\client.exe"...which *can* be changed. My question is this. Since the client on the "C:" is being called by the UI and works just fine. Should I be using the "E&B Config" file from the "C:" or from the "E:"???? I'll play with it a bit... I would appreciate your input, as always.
  7. I am not certain just *where* it's keeping this information hidden from me. But the game, even installed from the original cd-rom disks, still shows these options only... I've run through my usual registry cleaner. Even purchased the "pro" version of CCleaner and let it have its way with the registry. it *STILL* only gives those options when installing with the *ORIGINAL* CD's.. The only thing left, I think... is to completely uninstall my AV program. Yes, I paid for that as well, but, unlike it's cousins...it doesn't have a simple "disable AV for "x" number of minutes" or anything. It's a rather complicated process to "turn it off"... But. That's where I am at.
  8. Opened ports TCP/UDP 3500-3808. No change. Still crashes after splash screen. re-ran both video tests at 1024x768, something closer to their native range. Tried again. Still CTD'ed. Still will not allow the certificate to be validated or update.
  9. I took your suggestions. I've clarified the title a bit and gone back and switched from XP2 sp3 to sp2. Same results. Will try to make sure *all* of te exe's called upon are xp2 sp2 as well since a few of them actually didn't have anything other than sp2 available but others were set to sp3. hmm.. yeah.. let me give that a shot. Also.. just in case. There might be some ports I need my router to open. I'll look for those in just a bit since the new Xfinity router firmware to port-forward is now web-based from *their* website and no longer an built-n function of their router hardware. Now, why EVER would they want me to actually show them EXACTLY which ports I was filtering and to whom? (That is a tale for another time...)
  10. I've been gone for a while and remembered my old favorite space-game of all time. Here are the errors and fixes I have tried along the way to reconnect. System info: Win10 Home (x64) Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz, 3504 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 32.0 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Resolution: 1920 x 1080 x 164 hertz D/L and install client. D/L and install unified file. Made sure that ALL *.exe's have not only been set to Admin rights/Vista 3, but took it one step further and made sure that it was set that way for *all* users. Have run the graphics setup from both "base" and Net-7 and compared them. They might be off just a tad on the FPS and poly's, but darned close. Both set to windowed at the same resolution as my desktop. (1920x1080) Edit: Also set *ALL* of the *.exe's necessary to be allowed through firewall. Patched all up to v2.2.0 / 542 / Net7proxy v245 Modded the TCP settings in my NIC for the TCP values suggested, that is, turn them off or set to zero. Disabled TCPv6 First time I try to connect, get splash screen, then CTD. The following error is recorded in the "_except.txt" "" Error code: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION Description: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access. Access address:84D95443 was written to. Exception occurred at 00582D3F Stack walk... Thread list ID: 000007D8 - Main Thread ***CURRENT THREAD*** ID: 00000260 - Texture loader thread "" ....if I try to relaunch the game I get before the splash screen ever shows. As you might imagine. I am very anxious to fix this and any help or suggestions would be welcome.
  11. Came here to report the same. Your link actually shows up in the bottom left when I mouse-over it. Was able to download. Thank you!
  12. Look into the General FAQ's for help and common fixes.. look for the text of "[b][size=3]In the launcher, there are repeated entries in the "Hosts" drop-down box, or the launcher is loading very slowly" [/size][/b][size=3]..and the answer is there. Worked like a charm for me. Also, if you are using a Windows o/s, consider using a different file search program like Agent Ransack. Very fast.[/size]
  13. Have a whole *LOT* of folks on here as unregistered users while I watch the current numbers of players online dwindle. Can only speculate that they are getting the same login error I am. The server may well be up, but the auth server is choking. Edit: Took checkmark out of "Local Cert" box and it ran fine. Put it back in, login error, took it back out, logged in fine.
  14. As a purely fan-based MMO, this game has much, much fewer people on it than a "live" game. Not to mention the time-zone differences for some players. Personally, I would like *some* kind of AH. With current and possibly all future AH's being an NPC vendor that roams or something, that is fine by me. My schedule for my timezone is quite contradictory to those hours played by even the most active in my TZ, thus, I have a difficult time getting ammo, parts, weapons, devices, etc. If there *is* some way to make a "roving" vendor that pauses movement while you browse and make purchases or even an NPC at a station that updates goods every "X"-number of minutes that is fine by me. I guess that the whole argument is almost timezone-based. When I had a regular job like everyone else, I was online when they were and finding things to buy was not a problem. But, late at night/ early in the morning there is a great deficit in available builders/crafters/etc.
  15. Yup, get to name and password, then crashes back to the DOS window, but no packet or port errors...looks fine, then closes on it's own. Tried "forced update" and now logs in, but that trick only works until next time I launch. I remember there being a fix for this. deleting cache directory of some kind or was it certificates? I'll have to dig through some old posts, *OR* I could try a clean re-install. Hmm..clean re-install is looking like a good idea so as to not wade for hours through mis-labeled posts. Edit: After a fresh (scorched earth) install, it works fine so far.
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