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  1. Well, I've struck a well known cord atleast. If we cant shake up the warp speed any, then I really liked the idea about a significant decrease in Signature for engines that are 200% player made ... that would atlesat help some engines be more desierable and not keep things so limited ... and more, useful buffs ... ones that would allow some switcho change was another good idea. For example... the Eagle Engine line ... a cool option for anyone with Missles aside from one point ... its a huge sig engine. Nobody wants to use it due to that fact and nobody wants to clog up a device slot to lower sig to make the attempt to lower sig with it equiped. And even doing all that, there normaly remains a rather high Sig ... and later in the game, a lower signature seems to become even more important. Thorvald
  2. I"ll make sure to take a look at this next time it happens and likewise take a screeny if neccessary to look for other possiblities. Thanks. Thorvald
  3. Heya ... I wanted to post a problem that seems to reoccur often enough that it may need some looking into. Initial problem ... Getting kicked from the game while logging to character select from in game ... (posting the EXE read out) The game closes to desktop and this is what the EXE shows. Next: I start up Net7.exe and it starts up just like normal and I hit "Play" .... the client EXE gets stuck here ... This is where it would normaly read starting EnB and bring up the Terms of play policy and you would accept and start playing. This does not happen and it just hangs here... and leads to this ... To get past this, I just have to spam the Net7 program and hit play, wait to see what happens, and if it does not start EnB(or bring up the terms and policy that is) then I close it and start it again and repeat this until it starts up properly and brings up the Terms and Policy window. This isnt stoping me from playing, but its a hassel, and might be fixxable. I've thought about a few things to try, but wanted to get feedback first. As it stands, the game runs well aside from this and I am running on Vista 64, but have things running in compatability mode with XP. And it does it with or without compatability mode on the .exe files. Thanks for any ideas.
  4. Just a quick and simple idea... (well simple in my mind, but I have not idea how hard to code/put in game) As an engine builder, I understand the vaule of having a good choice and 200% build for a combat engine. Better buff rating on the engine, and more thrust for improved control of the combat situation. Both highly desired. My suggestion, which isn't a large leap of change would be an additional 200 to max warp or maybe a bit less, for a 200% player made engine vs the store bought. Why you ask? When it comes to selecting engines, two things come to mind. I need one for combat, and one for speed for trade runs or other needs to get from A to B fastest for a mission. The problem here is that anyone can say, why bother getting a player made version of this, since store boughts all have the same warp speed as 200% player made. I undersand there is a Cap on warp speed as well, and as it's set now, I dont think anyone reaches it. From what I've heard, people still fall slightly short, which is good, because that means lvl 9 engines with an extra 200 or so to warp would get folks closer, and still not be game breaking. This would also place more vaule on lvl 9 engines and actualy getting that skill earlier instead of an after thought once skill points are sitting around to spare. For this can explain why engine building is normaly, by most people, left to very few who take the task to do it. Personaly, I dont mind it to much, because I like doing what most dont. On the other hand, I would like to see a "need" for the engines that typicaly fill the roll of "I need more speed" to be player made to have an advantage over the vendor versions. This would in effect make engine building more desirable, and give more reason for people to take engine past lvl 6 ... you can read so often how most people suggest that there is little need to take engine skills past 5 or 6(more so because in live the speed cap was 5k), and for some, as low as 4(though this seems a bit silly). I know there are upteen million ideas and things that need to be fixxed or added, and I hate to toss another one on the plate for you Dev/GM types doing this on your free time, but since you are doing it because you love the game, I just wanted to throw out an idea that might be worth considering and implementing. Thank you for your time you take to read this. Thorvald
  5. I concure with this... These 2 skills, Hacking and Biorep really are worthless at the higher end ... they are resisted 90% of the time if not slighly more ... I'll have to use them 8 to 9 times before I get a single success. At this point, I wish the PS had the skill reset ability working because I've wasted good skill points as it stands. Thorvald
  6. I read a lot more concern than I do complaining here. Info passed down from Tech support. Excitement when it looks like its going back up, and the little false alarms of sadness when its not, but again, not much complaining.
  7. Thanks, DST was not selected ... corrected now.
  8. Wow ... a bit past noon Eastern time zone, and from the looks of it, been down since 6am? wonder if thats eastern .. never the less, now I feel a slight need to worry. Over 6 hours down time normaly spells something died rather catistrophicly ... damn I hope it's not to bad. Edit: Seems the time stamps are Central ... so make that 5 hours. Thorvald
  9. Daakkon ... What happens when you run Net7 normaly, and not as an Admin? I have a similar problem. When I run Net7 as an Admin, and I try to log in, the game crashes. When I run Net7 normaly, without selecting to run as an admin, the game runs fine and log in is successful. Just wondering if your problem could be as simple as mine was. Thorvald
  10. javascript:alert(navigator.userAgent) Put that into your Web brower and it'll pop up a window that has some Information in it ... Look for .... .Net CLR 3.5.21022 ... in that window. This is making sure you do have .net framework of 3.5 which is neccssary for the game to initialize. If you dont see that, then you'll need to download and install the 3.5 update which can be found here in the forums, well ... a link to it anyway on the page that gives you step by step instructions on how to install the game. Thorvald
  11. https://enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/714-install-enb-from-scratch-instructions/ The link near the top of this helper is the most up to date .net Frame work ... make sure you have it installed. Might be the problem as said previously.
  12. Found out that in my case, the game wont run when I try to run it as an admin ... Using Vista64 .... now, when I run the game normaly, without selecting to run it as an admin, the game works just fine and when I log in, bam, I'm in. I cant seem to make since of it, but Vista's always been screwy. Thorvald.
  13. is very happy to play this game again, even if its 5 years later...

  14. I'm having the same problem and cant find that post that was mentioned to check out, about the Login server is up, but TCP connection reset when I search for it .. Did you ever find a solution? Thorvald
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