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  1. I am going to bed, not looking like the server is gonna come back up tonight.
  2. I know right, I am going into serious withdraw and I haven't been back on the server that long.
  3. My guildies gave me help with the combat level 35 mobs, just finished that one yesterday.
  4. Yep, my account was still here ready to go and I hadn't logged in since 2012 which was the last time I had played and it was very empty in space. I am glad I came back. The entire dev team here has done and OUTSTANDING job of getting back the game we all loved.
  5. He was very wrong on that account. I also play on the SWG EMU and they have almost gotten the entire base game completed and are beginning to work on JTL. I am loving that both of my favorite games have come back and with a ferocity. Long live both of the EMU's.
  6. I was on the Original game when EA had it from the time it was in beta to the end of live. I now consider the EMU to be live.
  7. I agree and hope it comes up soon.
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