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  1. When it comes to the background Terran was extremely racist to Proggers and Jeggers as Trip and Will called them. In-Game racism if it is to another faction was acceptable and highly encouraged by Trip. Real World Racism will never be acceptable and players banned. One of the biggest problems when the game was live, PvP there were too many variables and was impossible to have PvP due to friendly/enemy factions and you can become an enemy to your own faction. When it came to ground combat, it is not possible even with today's technology. STO and SWG JTL proved how impossible it is. STO Atari sold the game because it was a very expensive upkeep and SWG Sunset. SWTOR did a very inexpensive form of space combat. a pre-programmed rollercoaster ride which players hate. It is best to keep EnB the way it was created. One thing which was planned and never implemented jumps to other galaxies, but would require more servers. In 2004, SWTOR being developed and needing more servers, EnB Sunset. ALL EnB servers were used for SWTOR. Why were Space Stations not made bigger and more immersive? The game was not based on the stations, but updating space and keep space more immersive. Guild ships were not implemented because they were to big and should not be moved around. Gates are better used with current player ships which are small and gate sized. The hidden player ships Terran Scout, Progger Privateer, and Jegger Seeker were not implemented so players can play other races besides TERRAN LIVES MATTER! Now with all the current events which went on with Real World there would have been a memorial to Space Shuttle Columbia, there would have been 3 new factions Terran Lives Matter, Jenquai Lives Matter, and Progan Lives Matter. Leader of Earth would be something similar to Empress Conny Crump the X, Presidente Donnie Crumple the V, and President Dementia IV. Game was designed in a way to be changed and using live events. If any of you were around in Beta with the attack of Earth Station, Earth Station could have become Red Dragon Territory. LONG LIVE RED DRAGON!!! With the timeline now being 20 years now, the Game Developers here can make this game more expansive by creation of Chavez Space Station which players wanted when game was live. Due to involvement with Westwood/EA I can steer you in right path on how game was to progress. But, cannot be fully involved. One thing Net-7 would have been changed in 2016. Would have been changed immediately and that would be change "supplying the galaxy with news" it would have been changed supplying the galaxy with "Fake News and Propaganda" knowing Trip all too well he would have changed NET-7 to FAKE-7.
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