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  1. so it seems that with all the headbanging I have done tonight along with the some help from Woodstock, I have come to the conclusion that my net-7 launcher is not updating. I'm stuck on v1.9.9 and from what i hear 2.2.0 is what i should be at. does anyone know a work around to get the launcher to update besides the link on the portal page, as i have done now 8 reinstalls with the same problem of the launcher itself not updating. game seems to be updated to the correct version, just not the launcher. probably doesn't help the launcher just sits in not responding for 20 mins before it decides to do anything but that's another issue that I'm clueless on. Ideas are welcome as I'm out of them and am not as tech savvy as i use to be.
  2. Not sure if my message went through to you, but I did try the new password you sent, and I am still getting the same message. Would it be worth my efforts to take the new password you sent me, and use that in the net7 portal and try to change my password again?
  3. the game password is where I'm having issues, as every time i try to log in, it tells me that my log in info cant be verified, or something to that effect. also this is my 7th or 8th install of the game files and net7 launcher files, and last night the launcher started to act up and still has been all day today, when i launch the net7 launcher it launches as normal but instantly goes to not responding, i have to sit for like 10 to 20 mins then the launcher will respond and allow me to click play, but then once i do that, it goes right back into a not responding loop. then launches the game, which then I can put in my user name and password, but it pops up the message (Sorry, your login does not appear to be valid, Try again using the default launcher) Oddly enough I am using the Net7 launcher, NOT the EnB launcher so I'm lost at this point, had less issues the first time I installed all this last year. I have checked that the IP in the launcher matches my router IP, so that is all the same, and I am logging into the correct host server. hope this helps with identifying the problem thanks much. o7
  4. after downing loading the net7 file, and the EnB file, do the install but when I try to update the launcher it goes straight to non-responding, ran all installs and launcher as (run as admin). I have done many uninstalls and reinstalls with the same issue. I have had this installed on my laptop before bout a year ago and didn't have any issues. any help would be great, thanks. (able to get the launcher to launch, but still very slow and goes into non responsive still. Also having issues with logging into my game account, have done a password rest 3 times now and it says that i'm failing to change my password even tho I have typed in the password that has been emailed to me via the (forgot password tab) email I received. is there a way to get a master rest on a password or do I have to keep going through the portal system. Acer Nitro 5 NVidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti 12 GB of Ram Windows 10
  5. so im not sure if this is the right place for this question, use to play when westwood and EA still had it up and this is my first attempt to play it on the emulator. but i have downloaded the EnB emulator. i have it installed and all, but when i try and update the game files on start up, it says it can not connect to the server. am i missing something? any help would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks Steven
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