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  1. These are my setting/options for compatibility. Could it be an internet/security setting? I've allowed permission to every file I could. Or maybe the drive its installed on?
  2. Woodstock and Karu I'm gonna create a thread under support. Check there for the update. I'm attaching a picture of my file settings. Once again I appreciate all the help.
  3. Still no go. These are the messages I get when I try to log in. 1st when I try to login regularly I get "EA.com servers are temporarily unavailable. May be due to routine maintenance or there's a problem with your ISP. INV 300" 2nd When I try the sign up option I get "Could not communicate with registration server". I've tried allowing firewall permission to all the .exe files in all folders. I'm using windows 10 on a home network. I even tried dropping security all together just to see if it would connect. I set my default browser to IE11. Still not working. Thanks for helping me Woodstock! P.S. Sorry I know this should be in tech support section.
  4. Thanks Woodstock! New problem. Every time i try to log in, I get a server error message. I used the instructions from this post for windows 10 fresh install. The game works, but I cant sign in and create my avatar. When I try to make a new profile it asks for a CD key. Is there a work around for the key? If not, any idea where to get one? Any help would be great.
  5. I beta tested this game. Finally found it online cus I couldn't remember the name. Where can I get a copy?
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