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  1. Man, I just got it to work. Apparently I'm a moron. I swore I did this before but I just right clicked in the center of that tiny popup box above the N7 icon in the task bar and selected maximize, and boom I'm in! Going to rage mine some roids to cool down now...damn.
  2. Im having this problem now, it's driving me crazy. Had the game working great last year. I stopped playing for awhile, and when I tried playing again this year it wouldnt work. So i uninstalled enb and net7 and started fresh. Seems like the enb client installs ok, its when I install net7 unified installer is when it goes south. I have 64bit windows 10 Home, version 1909. OS 18363.959. The enb client install goes ok. I start the net-7 install and it goes like this: (bare with me, the problem happens at the end, but not sure if anything before is relevant, these are the windows I'm seeing during the install, and update process) .Net 2.0 or better already installed – hit OK Next that windows version error / UAC message – OK Next screen says user “me” is in admin group - OK Finds 32 or 64 bit - OK, 64bit Client update detected – YES EnB retail to latest patch – OK Locate system to update. I use the default path 😄 program files (x86) …etc - hit OPEN Perform update – YES, Congrats your up to date Net-7 Emulator setup, last but not least register game account – OK Did you register – YES (over year ago, but I’m currently logged in to the portal and forum) Complete Net7 emulator – hit FINISH, and everything closes out. Then I get this compatibility assistant window that asks if the program worked, I click yes. Then that goes away. Next I go here C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG and run the E&BConfig including performance test. During other times I tried to install it I also ran the vidtest and or net7config. I run those as admin. During later installs I went into properties and checked the run as admin box for all those. They run fine. My problem is when I run net7 for the first time. Click LauchNet7 – I run it as admin It wants to update from an unknown version to 542 – hit UPDATE, that goes ok. Then it asks if I want to see the report, sometimes I look at it then close the report window, sometimes I click no. That update window goes away then I get another, it says it wants to update from an unknown version to 277 – hit UPDATE, this one takes awhile but also finishes without error, as far as I can tell. It asks if I want to see the report, same as before. Then I get the problem. I still have the N7 icon in my taskbar nothing happens. I can leave it there for several minutes. I can mouse over the icon and a tiny window pops up just above the icon that says at the top: N7 launchNet7 v2.2.0. But I cant do anything with it, cant maximize it, just X it out. If I try to run LauchNet7 again I get the same thing, an icon stuck in the task bar? Not sure what to do at this point, I haven’t had luck finding an answer in the forum yet. Please, I’m begging someone to help me get the game going again.
  3. Is everything up and running? I stopped playing last year, now it doesn't work anymore. Tried fresh install but cant get it to work.
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