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  1. Any "higher powers" around to give Santa a kick in the butt?
  2. Thecandyman, 150 TE Maltodextrin, 150 JE Glucose, ?? Terran Trader And at some point, a guildie stopped playing and gave me his acct with a 150 JD, Mangrel. Or that's what I seem to recall. I was a silly teenager at the time and may not have been the best person at all times; other times I spoke too much for my own good. Please forgive me for that. Played until sunset on Orion, seem to recall I was with Orions Enforcers? Whomever had Dragonlady and Webmaster. Have many fond memories of the game, you can find me chatting (way too much) in videos such as these... I think I recorded this? I have to check my box of hard drives, I'm sure I have one with all my screenshots on it.
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