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  1. Hello, My toon "Cre" logged in to find 2 his installed devices are now duplicates of 2 devices in cargo. First installed device is now a Chimaera's Dredge Scourge 200%. It should be a Sextans Prime 200%. The next one is installed in the 4th device slot and is a Good Fortune 100%. It should be Loony's Hunk O'Metal 100%. I have both of those in my cargo and installed. I know there is now way I should have 2 Good Fortune devices as they are no trade and unique. As well as being a reward for a mission! Thanks, Cre.
  2. From 50+ people to 30+ now 22 people online. Looks like we are waiting on a server restart. Hang in there all!
  3. Hello, Looks like the server is dying, delete or close this please! I can't connect to the game atm. I logged into Net7, went to "Game Info" > "Game Statistics" > "Players Online" and it still shows my main toon "Creol" still logged in @ F7. Is there a way to "kick" his butt off? Is Net7 not updating to show I am not actually online? Thanks, Creol
  4. Failed to connect to global server here also. I logged into Net7, went to "Game Info" > "Game Statistics" > "Players Online" and it still shows my main toon "Creol" still logged in @ F7. When I lost connection it showed 50+ people logged in. now it shows 31.
  5. Thank you Woody!? And the affected toon signed the OP. Thanks again, Crazycreol
  6. Hello, My Privateer meets all the requirements for this mission but Architecti Inquiro will not relieve me of 2.5 million credits and give me a Mobius to tear down. Any help is greatly appreciated! Mission giver Architecti Inquiro Mission requirements OL < 135 OL 93 50 <= Hull Level <= 135 Hull @ 75 Build Components Skill L7 Yes 2,500,000 credits Yes Here is the dialogue from wiki: (not word for word but the very close) (AI = Archi Inq, PC = your character):AI: This is the Mobius VI Component, created by Grond Waldiz. However, if you want to remain on good terms with Vinda, I suggest you never mention that name to her. Actually, I've said more than I should, so lets get the examination started!PC: So what do I do? (I can get to here, my response to here is just "ok", and she just will not advance to give me the Mobius)AI: Show Architecti Composita this component to start your examination.PC: Piece of cake.AI: No. I don't think case was in it! Please help me find out what I am missing! Thanks again, CrazyCreol
  7. Hello, I just submitted a ticket as follows below. 200% lvl 5 Theodosius Alpha reactor recharge when built was 24 units/sec. After logging in it is now showing 18.4 units/sec (100% stats)I noticed it when I was crafting the reactor in mass to up my build %. All the ones in my cargo when logging out were 149% to 151% (about 20 reactors in my cargo) All their recharge was in the range for said %. Now all those are at 18.4 units/sec.
  8. I have the Mission from Tobias Mats "Boldly go where no one has gone." But Dr. B'nzen will not give me the mission to continue.   Resolved by Aurtherdent, Many thanks sir!
  9. Cheers!  Well said.  Happy Thanksgiving!
  10. [quote name='Totte' timestamp='1330851023' post='54831'] Any chance the server vill be restarted soon, or are us Euros SoL when US is asleep ? [/quote] Not all of us are asleep, waiting for server to come up again!
  11. Hey Frost, send it to Tienbau. read over this before ya do. [url="https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/5898-guild-logos/page__hl__decals__fromsearch__1"]https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/5898-guild-logos/page__hl__decals__fromsearch__1[/url] If Link didn't work do search for decal and read over Tien's post titled "guild Logos"
  12. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1320456400' post='48096'] I think we have about got the problem kicked, but I think only time will tell guys. I do have to go out after I get this going, I will try to monitor remotely if I can pick up the net on my tablet. Good Journeys after that. Restart commencing shortly.. [/quote] Great work, and it appears to be starting. Fly safe.
  13. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1320447139' post='48056'] yeah sorry, its explicitly designed to be dev only. Besides there's a lot of stuff in testing there, not nearly as stable as we try to keep Sunrise. [/quote] MMMMM, so knockin louder won't help. any way, you guys and girls (if any, not sure) keep up the great work! BIG thanks to all involved!
  14. [quote name='Palimow' timestamp='1320446358' post='48048'] Everyone to the DEV server! [/quote] Won't let me in! shananigans!
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