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  1. I have been trying to finish the new wh skill mission.  I am stuck on the rum..  I have looked extensively in Venus for the RD novice drones with no luck..  Went to BBW and talked to Shang Li Chun and all I get is a small dialog with no reference to him selling rum.   Sure would like some help on this.    Thanks!   PioneerBob
  2. I signed up just after the alpha testing and was in beta testing the game.    Stayed in the very last second of the game.    Now in the "of all the blind luck" department , I found obtenerate <sp> lens AND a parrot feather the day before the game ended.   LOL!!! of all the blind luck!   Glad the game is back!!!   Bob
  3. I am trying to complete the agrippa stage I shield mission involving the building and testing of the Skirmish Shield.   It says I need to give the shield to a progen warrior for testing .. I gave it to my PW 51 toon..   No good ... it still tells me "locate a Progen Warrior of the specified combat and hull level.    I must have missed the requirements.  To make a long story short..  Does anyone know what the combat and hull levels I need to complete this?   Thanks   Stilldiggin
  4. A DEV helped me to get through that step of the mission..   (as listed in my last message)  Thanks Dev.   I am on step 11 talk to the counselors on Mars.   I went to the planet.  got the eye.. activated it and saw a beam come from my ship to Mars.   Then I got the statement "Access the holy Virtuals, the collected consciousness of the Primarchs of the past to hear their counsel." Then in the chat box I got a green message "Completed 1 for Empty Throne.    The mission in the character mission window (lower left) is still on 11/20.    Anyone have any suggestions on this problem?
  5. No joy!    I cleared cache.. cleared it a second time .... restarted firefox again and error still persists..      Any other options?
  6. It is Firefox ver. 37.0.2  Will try clearing brower cache even though it is not IE.
  7. Recently I have been getting the following script error:   Script Error   Lin:       5 Char:    1 Error:    'jQuery' is undefined Code:    0 URL:      http://www.net-7.org/js/jquery-ui-1.8.23.custom.min.js   Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?   yes/no     Does anyone have a solution to this?   Bob
  8. thanks Prrekoorb.. they were at deneb 3...  When I finished that the next portion of the mission (16/20) popped up for me to go to Nav Lagarto Center and kill rogue sharim..  Well that portion was skipped over by the game and it went to 17/20  "kill the intruding jenquai."    Do I have a bug or can someone tell me where to look for that jenquai..   I looked all over Lagarto with no luck....  I searched for a walkthrough and there was not one for this particular mission...   Suggestion, hints or help greatly appreciated
  9. I am on 14/20 of the "an empty throne" mission.  It is to clean Lagarto of Infinicorp haulers.   I have been through the sector many times and have not found any haulers..    Can anyone help me with this?   Thanks
  10. I acccidentally deleted the gift for her..   How can I get it back so I can finish this LONG mission   Thanks! PioneerBob
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