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  1. I'm getting the same thing. I can see the server is up with # peeps on, news window has actual news in it, log in past megan, select a character, but the it just sits there on the map load screen. Alt/tabing shows me the client is "waiting for server" I've delected all the .th6 files and nothing. I even changed the version text files to make it reupdate to current and no go. Any further ideas? it says theres over 220 people playing somehow? =( and I was playing FINE last night ><  Also, waiting longer does nothing. it eventually just times out. frustrating. I've tried reinstalling the cert , it seems it cant even locate the server to check it tho.
  2. hi there buddy yeah this is the right varatroth :)

  3. hello/ is this Varatroth/skif? It's Haus =) Just sayin hello, my friend ^ ^

  4. ok. so A friend of mine is trying to get Enb on his pc as well. followed all the steps and got this same meassage as above, so he updated xp netframework and now Net7 launcher does NOTHING once you try starting it, it just doesnt respond. =/ any ideas? he's reinstalled it a few times just ince this was it and nothing happens still. anyone have any ideas?
  5. got the 300 error after the restart also. tried multiple forced updates, rechecked optional ports, and all I get now is teh old "connecting to server" add infinitum. ah well, least its not just my pc, but how are they up to 86 online now?
  6. I've got the exact same issues, tried using local cert, standard ssl, forcing updates. nothing gets me past hangin on "connecting to server" I've tried alt tabbing, checkin back, nothing. and if I let it sit a while and come back the whole client locks up to lala land and I cant even close it without ctrl-alt-del. YET when I tried gettin on earlier there were only 192 online, then 180, figured it was some login issue, abut NOW its showing 305, 306 online???? and I STILL have "connecting to server" and I'm REALLY getting sick of listening to megan. =( The only thing worse than knowing my favorite game was canned knowing its been brought back to life...but I cant play it =(
  7. Happy to be playing "the best game ever canned" once again =)

  8. Ya know what's REALLY bothin me with all this, isn't that the server is down right now, its the TIMING! I too have a night off to myself for once and was planning on a little intergalactic boom for relaxation. lol. I just wish we actually KNEW what was going on. At least the server staus icon is a nice touch, but "unknown" isn't very reassuring. The only thing reassuring here is that I'm NOT the only one, so it's prolly on their end. I'm sure anyone here thats been around a while can remember the issues configuring our systems when the emu was released. My thanks, as well as everyone else here I'm sure to the Dev team of bringing a dead dream back to life =) I can wait patiently....it's the suspense thats killin me.
  9. Hello everyone listed down there =) I just wanted to make sure of something... IS the server DOWN? If it is, I can live with it for now, its just the fear that there's something else simply blocking my connection or whatnot ( missed patch/diff certificate/new IP server side etc for example ) that may have been overlooked thats affecting many also. Anyone ? I'm inclined to agree with Frizy tho. ....I CAN'T PROSPECT ASTEROIDS AND CRYSTALS IN WOW ><
  10. I'm just noticing this, I dont know if it has to do with anything or not. If you look on the right on the net7 login there's "help" etc. One of these is "check certificate" I tried that and it says that the current certificate is invalid, and has option to install correct one, BUT it has the same problem still afterwards. I was just playing earlier this morning, but is it possible that something was changed server-side that requires an updated cert.? I'm no IT person, so this may be nothing at all.
  11. Top RIGHT on the main login screen of net7.org is an icon for server status. it's currently Red "unknown" , but it's usually blue with the online player count. So, there's the easiest server notification i've seen to date. -just say'n
  12. Initially, I thought it was something in net7 that was patched, but I couldnt update ( i get error searching for updates ) but thats been a constant. I noticed on the check it takes a while, then always says offline. What I DID notice is that on the forum, top right corner is a server status icon, which right now is red and says "unknown" so, 1)hopefully its just temporarily, and 2)hopefully I didnt screw up anything else, lol. =)
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