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  1. can we just ban mark XD lol.thanks for giving the server a jumpstart
  2. i like this alot, i am now "subscribed" to ENB 😛 ~20$ usd a month lol. cheers
  3. if i was able to upvote this, i would a billion times. enb is a lovely game but its a privilege it even still exists for us to play and we need to be grateful these lovely people take time out of their lives to work on it for us and are taking the time to do good work, and have done so for a very long time 🙂
  4. thank you for all your time and effort into maintaining our beloved game, for also taking the opportunity to improve the service, and for this roadmap that lets us understand where we are standing! best of luck
  5. yeah sorry just me being an idiot, have solved the problem. pls disregard this post!
  6. Hi there, i had previously uninstalled E&B emulator on my computer (worked fine previously). im now trying to reinstall the game so i can play again, but i am having issues. ive followed all directions indicated in the instructions, but when i first start my "launch net7" after installing both E&Bdemo(what i got when clicking on the "E&B Client download" link) file and net7, it then prompts me to find the "client.exe" file. which i could not find, so i instead had it load in the "e&b.exe" found in my e&b folder, fine, its working, starts patching,lovely. Then i go to press play, the additoinal installer pops up as indicated that it would on the first install, starts trying to work, but it stops shortly after saying "cannot find patch file", trying again and again and i get the same result. I tried to also change the client location (at the top of the net7 launcher, the space where you choose what client it loads) and i get this error "details: could not find authlogin.dll. Please specify correct client.exe location. I had tried to load a file called "gpatch.exe" in my e&b folder, and there was also just a "patch.exe" file i also tried to load, when i received this error. I then tried to go back to loading my original "e&b.exe" file that i loaded initially and im still getting the same error. Please excuse me i am a bit r*tarded when it comes to this kind of techy stuff, i apologize if the fix is really obvious. I did follow all the steps in order for installation as indicated on the FAQ on the emulator website, it was just when i launched net7 for the first time and it prompts me for the client.exe file that things got a bit messy and confusing. appreciate any help!
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