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    Good morning, I have a similar issue. I can log in only one of my chars. As soon as I start a second client for multiboxing and try to log in a second char, both chars get broken. I can't gate or travel anymore. Have tried this also since around 10pm EST.
  2. Thank you very much, Blacklung! I was able to complete the bonus mission now with my TT.   Greetings   Roger
  3. Hm, now the mission won't advance. I am stuck at step 9/18. I have the experimental laser lenses in my inventory and i have to talk to this Jerriv guy in Aganju to explain the plan. After the dialogue is finished and i push the "Done" button, he keeps talking to me from the beginning and i have to explain the plan again and again. If I have no lenses in my inventory, he tells me he needs to see one in my cargo bay. I tried relogging, moving the lenses from cargo bay to vault and back, nothing seems to help. Does anyone else have the same problem?   Greetings   Roger (TT)
  4. Same here. Roland is still not spawning :wacko:
  5. I have the same problem with my TT. I have the 10 mining lasers and Roland does not spawn on the way to 61 cygni. After gating i still have 10 lasers and the mission iwon't advance.   Thanks,   Roger (TT)
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