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  1. This is a VERY Good New player guide. First time i seen it, good work!
  2. When i say a class change i mean like From a TT into a TE or TS.   make it once a 6month period type of deal, and you cannot change to other races, if terran must stay terran, if progen must stay progen.. if jenquai must stay jenquai.   if a deal like this was implemented into the game, i believe we would see a more active playerbase and possibly some more Happy Faces
  3. Hello Fellow EnB Community! We are a Newly formed guild that Welcomes anybody is welcome, any Level, and Class, New or old to the game! we have a Ventrilo server, and a Website currently being built. We were formed on - May 15th, 2013.    And As of Today, May 17th We are aligned with Pheonix.   Infinity Guantlet Founders!   Ravina / Ravino / Ravine Spiro / Kaden Melltillis   Contact any of these players ingame for further information or if you would like to join, Also feel free to PM me on forums for ventrilo info if you would like to hang out with us before officially joining!   Thank you for your interest in us and Look forward to Seeing new Family members pop up.   Ravino
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