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  1. Unfortuantely, my problem occurred later in the mission steps.   Apparently if you are at the 12/18 step of the series where you are ordered to take Holmes to EarthCorp Command, and you crash to the login screen while gating from 61 to Inverness, you are reset to the middle of Inverness sector, so you don't trigger the "escape" step that seems to be related to being near the 61 Cygni gate in Inverness.   I had no idea he was supposed to escape (never done a TT character before), so I proceeded on the long journey to Zweihander.  Once I arrived at ECC, I wasn't sure who to talk to.  I walked around and talked to everybody but nobody would respond in context to the mission.  It really puzzled me since I had him in my hold and I was told to deliver him there.   So I looked around and found out that he was supposed to escape way back at Inverness.  Apparently there isn't any fallback logic in the quest script to just skip the escape steps if you just happen to have him in your hold while in ECC.  So, oh boy, looks like I'll need to travel all the way back to Inverness again.   So I travel all the way back, but nothing happens at the gate.  I hit the button to gate to 61 Cygni, and then the message pops up that he was escaping.  I didn't have a chance to read the dialog, let alone to click the "Done" or whatever confirmation button on the dialog, so he escaped, but since I didn't confirm the dialog, my mission step did not progress.  I assume I needed to click that button to make it go to the next step...   So now I'm stuck at "(12/18) Deliver Roland Holmes to EarthCorps High Command in Zweihander." although I don't have him anymore and the mission script still thinks I do.   I tried Lelia's idea with grabbing another lens, go to Inverness Planet, and capture him again.  It did indeed let me attack him again upon arriving on Inverness Planet, however, it did not add his pod to my cargo.  I guess the script doesn't handle that.   I put in a ticket some time ago, so now I'm just waiting for some help; this was part of my L30 hull upgrade, and I'm now at L56 and I'm afraid to proceed with the L50 hull upgrade until this is finished.   Edit: I just noticed a GM has fixed it for me, Thanks! :D
  2.   Speaking of which, is April already paid for from last month or something?     It says "Thank you for fulfilling goals for month of April, 2013" , but there are no April timestamps listed under "Latest Donations".
  3.   Thanks for posting, now I can stop trying to figure out what went wrong on my end :)
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