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  1. ty Terrell, i miss making threaded ammo on my PS one comp stack and the device in cargo hold and i could stay out hunting damn near forever! IIRC didnt the threaded ammo also have a slightly higher damage than normal 200% normal archos ammo as well as the 1600 count stack to make up for PS being an archos weapon reliant toon?
  2. Any ideas if AoTM will be working with the unkown buffs anytime in the future?   and are you guys going to add the PE  only Archos ammo threader device when DT opens up?
  3. very good ideas and suggestions.   unfourtunately Matt  the digiapogee prototypes were infact in original live, i remember them well because they had a 50% chance of  malfunctioning  while being used.   i.e the proto PL  perk was to have high count ammo stacks but the gun jammed and stopped firing for 5-10 shots and in doing so it dropped its structure %, the proto beam had insanely long range and high damage but  long refire rate and of course failed to fire in the same % sense of the PL and in doing so caused structure %, the ML was high ammo stacks and high damage but the range was horrible and of course jammed like the others causing strucure damage % as well.  the structure loss on these prototype weapons were not aquired in huge chunks all at once mind you IIRC they were in 1-2% increments thus  they can be unusable after long periods of usage without docking or using  the warriors repair ability.   as for the shields, reactors and engines im am unsure of their existance in live as for i never used or aquired any.  but for the weapons i  used them as "bandaids" while i was trying to aquire the better equipment i so longed for.        we still need a unique skill for the PT that  could possibly be considered a weapons energy conservation and at higher levels increase along with adding turbo and damage increases along the way like the TEs rally buff got  added bonuses as it was leveled.   sorry for throwing one of my  PT ideas in here, no disrespect intended.
  4. the way  i think it is intended to be ran is   during your week you only get the specific spawn for the entire week while the other guilds  are to only  do their  spawn for that week and then on reboot they  switch out to another raid and only do that one for a week while the other guilds are now doing a new raid for that week         EXAMPLE:   week 1 VGE gets to run a full week of controller spawns leaving Gobb and RD base alone during that week   BI gets to run GoBB for that whole week  not touching  controller or RD for the  week Static gets RD base for the whole week on every spawn not touching GoBB or Troller at all that week   Week 2   Static gets to run a full week of controller spawns leaving Gobb and RD base alone during that week   VGE gets to run GoBB for that whole week  not touching  controller or RD for the  week BI gets RD base for the whole week on every spawn not touching GoBB or Troller at all that week   etc.   see what im getting at here? everyone will still be raiding  their own raid while the other 2 raids are  being raided by the other guilds,  so in a nutshell  while gobb is being taken out by one guild the other raids are being taken out by the other guilds that are assigned.   and on the 4th week  the "FFA" week the 3 big guilds could get together and  pug the smaller guilds into the raids and help them get the uber loot that everyone is fighting over and to help these smaller guilds   the 3 main guilds should be honorable to pass on accepting raid loot and let the smaller guilds  get to roll among the current raiders of their guild on the loot.   hopefully this will clarify ir possibly confuse the matter further which isnt my intent  
  5. i am a miner as well and i despise botters as much as the next guy. But glenn gas fields are huge and i have mined there while botters were pecking away at the clouds as well, and they never bothered me, except on occasion we warp to the same  cloud and both try to mine it at same time, which i have actually done to a non botter as well and we just warp away to the next roid or cloud  thinking the other guy is gonna mine it. I mine faster than the botter anyways, and so do other  non botters, and the one quote about scanning for  repeated keystrokes isnt too smart, no offense there but  my mining is thus follows,,,,, D,Q,Mine,,,,,D,Q,Mine.  i do that for hours. Glenn  gas clouds area is well stocked with gasses and respawn fairly quickly, so there seriously is enough clouds for everyone.  allowing macro use in the first place is always going to  cause drama in any game.  just get rid of all macroing usage all together. whether its AFK or Attended,  But no, that will upset others as well especially the ones who, sad to say  macro while at work but is not AFK doing so because has limited play time to level, or have to attend to the kids or whatever.    so i guess what im saying is complaining about botters really necessary?  i mean  honestly unless they are doing something like Rs'ing (roid stealing) if they are you just warp to next target. it really is one small  simple extra step that makes sense, i see botters as non aggro mobs, you adapt and work around them, i am more concerned about other more important stuff like drop rates and overusage of mob skills that are still being tweeked and server stability, the list can go on forever, so really it is just like a double edged sword,  yer damned if you do, yer damned if ya don't. remember this is just a game folks its not real life, no animals were harmed in making this  kind of  mindset, please  just relax, life is stressfull enough do we need stress in a game that  is easy enough to adapt to and work around? hopefully yall get what im saying, its really just not that important enough to get bent out of shape over. i mean honestly "Teacher/Dev he stole my roid/cloud without actually being there" im sorry but thats like Kindergarden mentality like kids throwing sand at each other in the sandbox or taking the other kids toy, complaining sometimes works, but then it eventually bites you in the ass later on, and now everyone suffers in the end.   thanks for reading this let the flaming begin   Gally.
  6. exactly as the title says. it was working fine at 7am this morning and i logged off and went to bed and shut computer off,  woke up a bit ago and tryed to log on and it made me  install an update i think ite was 128 - 129   and then i tried to log in and  is when it started to happen. tried to start n7 again and said there was another update to 130 and still kicks me back to desktop,   please help
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