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  1. So its been nearly 3 years since this post....has any progress been made to bringing this skill into the game? Having a great time on my JE and was wondering seeing it in my skill list having passed OL 135 recently. Thanks!
  2. Tried again..same results...approx. 2 minutes in and the game stopped responding. Dump file link for Genovin is below: https://mega.nz/#!nOogwIYT!W3M55bb7Yw2yf9S8k5gycK2voTM8v9B3R8Zl8bkG7lw
  3. Same issue here on both my accounts since the last update: In-game name(s): Tainer, Genovin. Ticket was filed, and the DGM that responded asked me to post here to help make the devs aware of the issue. Hope this gets sorted quickly!!!
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