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  1. I'm sure it's been asked but I'm out of the loop, is there any progress on new sectors/content in the making? Just curious since I've been on only a handful of times this past year. Yer hard work is much appreciated as well.
  2. I know I haven't been around for awhile but I hope the family issues get better.
  3. Not sure why I'm having such issues but even going through all the stuff in this topic that I still get the EA response when trying to log in. typically I install the enb and then run the net7 installer and all is well but on this laptop I'm having to jump through hoops. Maybe throw a video recorded install would solve my troubles if possible? if not no biggie. thanks for the help though.
  4. I made a post in another thread but got no response. Installed to my gf's laptop after I did a fresh win10 install and everything is good except it gives me the EA response when I try to log in. I installed everything like I always have and this is the first time I've had this issue.
  5. I can run the game to the login screen but gives me the EA response. (On my gf ity bity laptop) only gives option for vista/win 7 compatibility modes.
  6. Is there any possible way to get count down timers for buffs? Just curious, if not then no biggie. Just a suggestion
  7. As much as I like you thuvia I'm not sure you know what being a ADV means, as far as I can tell it's just a communicator between staff and community. You don't have special powers. ~Machinegunbob~
  8. I did the add game account while I was logged into main account on the website to add my last account to it.
  9. Machinegunbob here, I made an account through the net-7 last night and I'm unable to log into that account. I can see it on the site as created as well. If one of yaw can help me with that it would be much appreciated. It's not a pressing issue so don't feel like you gotta rush on it. thx!
  10. Tried to move my 2 pw's from my main accounts to the new ones I linked to my account on the site and nothing happened. they're still on the same accounts. No rush just putting it out there.
  11. So this is just an idea. I was thinking that we could do community raids instead of guild raids. Get everyone involved that can attend such raids. Instead of them being locked down to certain guilds let it be a free for all with trusted looters. (this is to get more people involved, I know pub has there own raids but if everyone can get together to do the big raids that to me would be more fun and get to know more people in the game that are not "famously known") I would like to see more mass participation than 1 person boxing an entire raid. Just a thought.
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