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Hi and weclome to the 'About Pakkrat' page.

I discovered the emulator in September 2012 and am still going. I played in live on the Orion server also as Pakkrat the Terran Trader, and Pakkratius the Progen Sentinel until live was shutdown and I was was forced to migrate to EVE-Online. I played live from 2002 until 2004. I started World of WarCraft in 2005 until 2010, ending it with repetitive disgust and the "economic downturn". I was thrilled to re-discover the Emulator and join up. I'm a playful 40-year-old, and love to roleplay in many RPG formats. I would say that Content is my biggest draw to a game. Crafting and builds are nice, and I can powergame with intermediary skill. But my true love is story and the worlds in which I enter. I also like to give my take on a gameworld's detail to bolster the experience for others.

Will I have a long list of characters (toons) and ships? Probably not. Am I some techy, multi-boxing game winner? No. I'm here to enjoy the environment. One of the things that has brought me back to Earth & Beyond is the welcoming friendliness of diehard and passionate "EnBers" who refuse to let this gem of a game pass into history.

That's enough for now.


Pakkrat Industries - what can PI do for you?

Builders Inc.

Oct. 20, 2012

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