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  1. cskill_t.ini Doesn't have build ammo listed as a skill but I do see the other added skills eg. extended wormhole 59 at the bottom of the list says nullfactor field2 On my other computer 59 on the list says build ammo. Tried a rename , didn't like that so i got the ini file from other computer and put that in , problem solved !! cskill_ex_t.ini Lists only ship based skills Thanks for the right direction to start poking Alkemmi
  2. Hi Kyp I turned computer on this morning, logging in one client with only that character and still the same. Its only that machine that does it, I know the nullfactor box is obviously the build ammo skill as it has the activated(on another computer) skill points shown, but if I click it on this one game insta crashes. I know the issue is this install so maybe reinstalling is the only answer. Many Thanks Alkemmi
  3. I have 1 computer that is giving my TS with completed build ammo skill, a box at the bottom of list that says nullfactor field2 , when it is clicked the game crashes. On another computer the build ammo skill box displays fine , all working as intended. Can i please have the name of the file to delete to allow the server to give it fresh information as I can only assume i have a corruption in my client files. Hoping to avoid a complete fresh install. Hope this makes sense Probuild
  4. Happy New Year to all. At least that one is a universal constant for everyon........ ah bugger chinese new year is different. Oh well all the best. Probuild
  5. Great seeing the game appreciated this way. Seems weird now that this was run on 56kbps connection then, explain how slow that is to my kids gets the strangest looks. Probuild
  6. Thanks for your patience. I thought the system would have a hissy fit at moving the account but I was wrong. Much appreciated Probuild
  7. Thanks for the reply. I would like to remove the accountsand charcacters completely from my portal login. JLM is the main login and JLM ,A , B, C ,D ,E, F, G, H are under it in the portal. I would like to remove from mine say B and C and all characters in them to be seperate independant accounts again. Hoping this is possible Thanks Probuild
  8. Is it possible to remove an account from being linked under online net-7 portal log in so it can be independent. I had my kids under my Acc. for transfers etc. but would like to give them control and add a second acc. to their own log in. Apologies if wrong area. but I guessed someone has had same issue. Many Thanks Probuild
  9. Thanks for such an enlightening post crichton2. You have given ample demonstration that you are a illiterate inconsiderate tool. Even your own guildmates are not agreeing with you on this issue. Your exactly the sort of player people don't like seeing in a game of this nature. Enjoy your keyboard to chair delusions of grandeur.
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