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  1. I was at least able to get into the game and do a whole 3 missions before suddenly the game froze on me now i see STARTING in the server. guess ill wait it out as usual
  2. Does the notifier work well or what
  3. I do hope so Also do i need a cd key or whatnot? EDIT/Update: Been wondering thats all
  4. i had no idea that was what it was for thanks man
  5. Oh well hopefuly soon well have an answer
  6. Ugh i finaly get to try this since its demise in 2004 and BAM its down LOL i hope its up soon would love to play this game i was very interested bak in the day before it went bye bye
  7. That would be why I think you need to use the sunrise server for regular gaming The dev server doesnt seem to be for normal members
  8. Ok where do i find out if the servers up or when it will be up?
  9. Whens the server coming up?
  10. Whens the server coming up?
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