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  1. noooo i just got rid of all my death debt from the last time the server crashed in mid-battle haha
  2. I was about to de-root myself from my seat and do something productive but good ol' enb caught me just in time
  3. LOL he tried to change some sound files to his songs and put 22s on Jove's Fury
  4. I guess you shouldn't have let Xzibit join as a programmer... http://memegenerator.net/cache/instances/400x/11/11823/12107553.jpg
  5. Yeah I lost connection in the middle of mining Couldn't warp or dock or loot or anything and now server status is back to "STARTING" so I'm sure the server is just having a hiccup, should be back to normal soon EDIT Maybe....?
  6. Thanks Tienbau! You guys are the best.
  7. Well.... I think the devs and the rest of us could all take a page from Chuck's book.
  8. AHHH I've already depleted my other productive resources.... Has the suggestion of having like a parallel server so when one crashes or is being updated people could keep playing... I understand that would require literally twice the man hours of upkeep though....
  9. The devs forgot to put out fresh lettuce and they have to make a quick run to petco
  10. UPDATE Ok so I kept reinstalling/forcing updates, rebooting, all that voodoo and I think I got it all worked out... now if the server would just come back up... LOL
  11. Darn.. Just as soon as I think I finally got all my stuff set up right and ready to play.... hahaha I think it's a divine intervention because once I start playing E&B I can kiss all my papers and homework goodbye..
  12. [quote name='Dim Mak' timestamp='1326833186' post='51663'] The hamster died from a massive heart attack [/quote] Gotta lay off the chestnuts...
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