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  1. I have INV-300 again Cant login and clear my favorite fields before work. Not the best way to start a day.
  2. Raw Flawless Ruby (RFR) - i dont remember realy but i will start looking (i think in Io near Discordite spot is also RFR spot) Stygian Blackwater (SB) - i dont remember realy but i will start looking (check Io) Apollonite (Ap) - lots of it in New Edinburg, i was just selling it to vendor but from now on im gonna save it for ammo Discordite (Di) - huge amounts of Disco can be found in Io near Tempest Fringe
  3. I did. Everything works smooth, no crashes. My main system is Windows 7 home. I run standard windows firewall and PeerBlock. No firewall on guest system.
  4. I tried full-scree/windowed in various resolutions and combinations. One thing came to my mind.. here is listing of console logs: ******************************************************** 23/01/10 15:01:19 Received Master login confirm, new UDP port is 3568 Avatar_id = 1073830706 23/01/10 15:01:19 <server> Master Login received - UDP sector port: 3568 23/01/10 15:01:19 >> Commence Login check 23/01/10 15:01:19 Sending Login packet - connection active 23/01/10 15:01:20 Sending data file 'GalaxyMap.dat' 23/01/10 15:01:21 Sending StartAck to Server 88882 23/01/10 15:01:22 TCP connection on port 3801 was reset 23/01/10 15:01:22 TCP connection on port 3500 was reset 23/01/10 15:01:22 Client connections terminated 23/01/10 15:01:24 Client has terminated. Sending termination signal. 23/01/10 15:01:24 >> Login check: Login OK TCP Listener Thread exiting TCP Listener Thread exiting TCP Listener Thread exiting ******************************************************** I dont understand much from this server talk but maybe something is blocking some ports? VMware network looks like this: Network Adapter: Bridged Device status: Connect at power on network connection: Bridged: Connected directly to the physical network
  5. I tried that. If my character is in space game closes when im trying to load character. Only places where I can actualy play are stations.
  6. Hi all! Im trying to set up taxi/mining account on emulated system (XP home). I use newest VMware player and i am unable to undock without crashing. Is there any trick to enable flying in space in VMware ? I was unable to find any 3d video effect settings other than 'Accelerate 3D graphics' which is on. Thank you for your comments! Best regards Stor/Piccard
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