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  1. Sig

    Email Problem

    Awesome! Thanks for checkin into this
  2. Sig

    Email Problem

    ok perfect. I sent him a PM but if you get a chance id appreciate u havin a look to see if he disabled it. His name is Unbreakable. Thanks guys
  3. Sig

    Email Problem

    Im trying to email someone through the board because i dont have it myself. He hasnt been on in a long time. i went to his profile page and tried to use the "Click here to email me" link. thats when i get that msg. Id use the forum PM fctn but that only works if he logs on correct? I want to be able to reach out to his actual email since he hasn't/cannot log in here. Make sense?
  4. I have been trying to get a hold of someone through this site but when I click their name to send and email i get an error msg that says "[#10314] Sorry, you are not permitted to send an email via this board." Is this something wrong with my account or something I need to get "permission" for? Thnx
  5. hey bud where u been? everything alright? havent heard from ya in a while

  6. it should update automatically when opened if im not mistaken
  7. Sig


    maybe they changed it as far as bricking but you can jailbreak you device then if u need the warranty all you have to do is do a default restore through itunes. they cannot tell if it was jailbroken or not. ive done it because of a faulty batt and gotten a new phone but i have an iphone 3gs so things might be diff now but last i read it's not. anyways back to the main topic.
  8. Sig


    jailbreak doesnt void the warranty
  9. Quite honestly it's absolutely ridiculous to expect each chat channel to remain 100% true to its name. A large part of the time is people casually chatting to each other which in no way detracts from the "true" nature of the channel. I can't count how many times I've seen off topic exchanges in market and new player chat. It's never been a problem untilpeople, who have a legitimate use for that channel, get ignored which I have not seen happen. If it does happen, then I do support intervention by the GMs. Maybe I'm off base here not having all the information but I strongly believe chat channels should be used for chat whether or not it follows the intent of the channel. It makes the game more interesting, dynamic and entertaining for the vast majority of players.
  10. Devs dont work hard enough to earn said vacation JKJK!!!
  11. I completed up to 13/19 i think. i had a full cargo hold and did not receive the quest items (second and third inspiration) so i requested the mission be reset and it was. the mission was not completed fully. i was stuck mid way through. when it was reset my hull was reset also. EDIT: I just logged on now and it was completely reset. thanks for the help guys
  12. I recently got my lvl30 HU on my jd (Palimow) and started doing the mission but messed up on it and asked to have it reset. after it was reset i went to start it over again but noticed the mission in my log had no text. it just said had the title and step (1/19). Ive tried to talk to every npc related to this mission but no one will talk to me. Councillor Uje'Da says she gives the mission but i have to come back when i am lvl30 (im lvl42). Another thing i noticed was i lost my hull upgrade and a weap slot after the quest was reset. I am back to the lvl10 hull and weap slots. i talked to a gm in-game but he was unable to help and suggested i put in a ticket which i did but i did not fully explain myself. sry for the redundancy and thanks for the help Palimow
  13. deleting that file didnt help - maybe reinstall the whole thing over again? Edit: i just reinstalled it and it works now - thnx
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