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  1.         I fully agree as well, that is how it should work.
  2.   So just to clarify damage was reduced period or were you attempting to reduce damage at higher ranges? How it currently sits is the damage pre patch is much higher than the damage at optimal range (I sometimes use follow on my jd so I’m normally up the mobs “ass” as it were, but normally I am at 0.5-0.9 with a max beam range of 3.5k-4.0k) post patch. It's quite obvious that the dps for a beam user has been reduced regardless of range. I know someone mentioned it was tested in a standalone, but I would rather have various opinions as the one stated was obviously flawed. Reason being is that currently this thread has gone from beam users (primarily JD’s) sniping at 8-9k ish to JD beam dps being over powered all together, so which is it? Overall I would rather not even play this game anymore after this recent patch due to the inability to solo anything higher than a combined hit point total of 200k for hull and shield. So the silent assassin would now turn into that needle which does nothing to support. And please spare me the “this is how it was in beta and live", I was there I got the hat, t-shirt, beta cd’s blah blah blah… In any case I agree with the range nurf, but the nurf on dps at range is not taking effect properly and is being applied across the entire spectrum reducing damage in its entirety.   I also understand it will take time to verify ;), it’s just aggravating to see people argue "this is how it was ect ect…." I would rather like to know how progress is being made and the way forward. I also would like to add this post was made on 2 feb and the patch implimented 5 feb, sort of fast.. then again I might not be privy to other threads  
  3. ya, I'm seeing the same issue with a few different mob types from tengu to bio hunters ect with smaller models. I do agree however its lame a beam user can get out to 8k range.... lol
  4. Another item data base (same site from the original poster) http://www.enbx.com/mdb/index.php http://www.enbx.com/
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