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  1. So there is hope! Please oh please bring back PVP! And I will return as well!
  2. Rather hard to remember names but a few that come to mind are  Skynex and Dundee
  3. Hello just read your post, i have a question for you.  Do you think PVP would help keep you interested in the game?
  4. optional PVP is a great great idea that i hope to see in the future, hopefully near future.    As long as people have the option to fight or not fight it should be perfectly fine!   You cannot compare hunting tengu to fighting a person.  You thikn about many of the hugely popular well known games out there most if not all have PVP.  Streetfighter, Mortal Kombat, Halo huge successful titles thats been around for years are player vs player fighting.   It is the most fun option you can possibly re-impliment into this game.   I was told by someone that pvp was in the works and someone esle told me that there will be pvp in the future. I play with the hope of that day coming to past!     Just an idea, perhaps the winner of the battle wether its 1vs1 or teams, the death count and kill count is kept and first team or individual to say 5 kills each wins some small exp.    Please please bring back PVP!   In the words of starcraft zealot: I long for combat!
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