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  1. delete or rename EB_Sizzle.bik in C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\Data\client\mixfiles and it will skip it
  2. its still lagging alot and loads of gating issues. and being kicked to log on
  3. it looks like it is back up again now
  4. Hi Dodger I think it is down again I m getting a 403 forbidden error
  5. It started yesterday I mentioned it in game some people still had access but that's probably due to caching. do we know who runs that site?
  6. the provide https://www.cloudsouth.com/ was down last night when i got kicked. maybe they need to reboot the server
  7. Just incase anyone else has to do the mission for the lvl 75PP hull upgrade the Yumm-o beer drops from the lvl 3 pleasure crusers in aragoth prime!
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