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  1. frankam


    Well i also miss the V´rix they came out off noware and take off your engine or som thing els at the worst time :D i also try to hit em by mistake didn see what i was shooting at before it was to late  it only to them 2 sec 1 shoot and i was dead lol   but in the long time they ware fun to have in game hope that you game coders som day maybee let them in again   btw ppl good Work whit the game   Regard Frank
  2. [quote name='Searing' timestamp='1353914749' post='67233'] Well not sure when you tried this but the server is currenly down.....so maybe that is it? I'm going on the above time when you made this posting ....thus why i mention this. Searing [/quote]thx its working again now so its like you say have fun and thx for a wery nice game
  3. hey ppl i just installed a small update from you it instaled oki but now i keap getting the ( INV-300 cant conect to server) Error there was nothing wrong before the update so what do i doo now ?? Regard Frank M Denmark
  4. yes i did install like you ppl tell us to do and only use net7 to start
  5. i have a new problem when i start net7 then the game start to looking for files and i get (Error4 Couldn´t find the patch. try again lather)
  6. hey ppl i have the same problem on Net7 updater
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