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  1. i gave you -4 reputation LMFAO

  2. oh and hello Cia ,mis ,poly (Third) and whoever elce in in here
  3. its retarting .....Good luck mr DEV Fail x4 offline was in for about 30 secs....
  4. i wished i would of used Frizypw and not alexpw no one knows frizy
  5. ya well ever decade or so i have one . i got to put it out there before 2020
  6. Small fix for some exploits Fixed ammo bug Fixed buffs sticking Fixed shield Inversion brok server ... can't log on now.... still have weapons going offline and Who uses Si ? lol Checking offline starting offline going in reverse but hey at least it playable when there not messing with it ... let me know when the dev's give up today and put the server back online working lmao
  7. is it just me or does anyone else think these "fixs" should be tryed out on dev.play.net7.org 1st ? ... just a thought
  8. i have this tab open and has been for days . i looked for other threads with useful info , when i am warping around ... or switch tabs to get info on what i am going to Try to kill next . so when the game crashes i hit refresh to see if anyone from team speak or that saw a dev say server is going down for X amount of time in game . from what i can tell the ppl in Ts are as clueless to when where why the server is going to be on so i don't ask . i try not to flam too much but if i see something i don't like i will speak my mind . or if i can help someone out will do so . i am happy to be playing the game just feel out of the loop . hope to see ya all in game soon . i am 139 ...... so close to lvl 9 reactor and shields i can't wait ....
  9. being as i have yet to make it to the bowl and have no goodies . i am guessing they want to see how many people will stop playing ! "witch is all i hear" i myself have always hated patch day ...and that was when i knew when and what was to be in it . i think they are having too much fun playing EnB god's to see they made it too %^(*& hard to play ..... i applaud jack for having the _ _ _ _'s to post it ! i could see making a change like this "for live" but not now . revert back to last week or watch all your high lvl players dwindle out and the low lvl's ones lose instrest in lvl'ing cause of nothing to look foreword too when they get to 150 YOU HAVE MESSED THE GAME UP !!!!! p.s. if your going to make dasha one shot ppl have him at least carry loot not just fish scales a reward for dieing might include a pluges Bite ? not just junk.....
  10. i can help you out on the mysql part ... witch is a pain to import without sqlyog or some other type of Gui but think i need appachie<-"spellcheck" web page server to run the log in and auth servers
  11. 67 people and dropping even the hitting log in 100 times isn't working like it has in the past ..... maybe its 150 times to get in .....someone point me to the net7 version that had single player .... or a little more info on hooking up web-svn ....i have the server up and running mysql 5.0 but can't do anything except edit it with the tools.... do i need to run a web page server?
  12. just made one 2 but not sure how to put it in here ... so testing 123 i messed up the account i am typing on so i may need to relog Forum:
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